Character Expansion

Developing as a person, building character, forming charisma and the art of charm !

Imagine life as a four, no-frontier, constantly changing bubbles of 4 principle “existences”. They are inside each other and overlapping. It is not something clearly determined though. It is kind of simpler and broader in the meantime. Life is very facile, but complicated. You cannot close life and ‘humanisme’ into bubbles. However, to imagine, this is a good way to think about this idea.
Intellectual, spiritual, physical, what are internal aspects. Community what is an external factor. Internal aspects, I mean, they have an extreme effect on everything external, and the outside of body energies effect them, but those are you, inside you.

If any of these is lacking “flexibility” the other bubbles cannot continue growing. The crusted outer layer of one factor will block the expansion of the other bubbles. I say bubble and not circle, to enhance the 360° – 3D/4D, multi-dimensional possibilities. There are not limits !


This is the learning and knowing part. The self exprimation. The language. The body culture too.
We often like to choose for instance books of a certain subject from a certain writer. This is great going towards a major objective and necessary too, but every now and then, more often then we think actually, we should totally derail from this.
As an example, I studied sport, sport science and everything sport related, but we picked up classes of philosophy, graphology and communication as introductory classes. It is them same as crosstraining. As a runner, you go for a bike ride or to ski.
I read mostly sport science and adventure books, but sporadically I throw in a classic, a sci-fi, or something of a totally different subject. Recently two books what were epic for instance are ‘Sapiens’ and the ‘Astrophysics for people in a Hurry’ ! Both are epic, great reads and complete me as a person.



This is something really complex too. It is not only about movement, but the feeling of certain things, like food, clothing, smells. The touch of wood. Of course movement is important. I try learning new movements of yoga, pilates and calisthenics, new techniques of self-massage.

It is kind of about being in-tuned with the body. Feeling en effort, feeling the elements, reacting to them. Walking barefoot and analysing the terrain subconsciously to not to hurt the feet, feeling the sunshine. Feeling that someone is fondling you or as the water is hugging your body when immersing in the sea.

It is feeling of hunger, feeling of thirst. It is feeling the body tension and attitude of other humans and even animals. Feeling is not only a sensation or a prediction. Feeling can be very scientific and physically analysed by the eyes, ears, the nose and the skin.

Physicality is not only a materialistic. It is sensational too. It is not only muscular, but emotional too. Describing it is as difficult as all other facets.


I am not really into religion. I would say I am self religious. I believe in certain things. I mean not “matter” but layers of behaviours. Like discipline, emotions, self-control existence, being a good person. Thinking about actions and analysing and rethinking past actions to learn from them. Being thankful to others and saying thank you to them. Being open about emotions, being calm. This is true to positive and negative emotions.
People hate this, especially when I expose a certain human-relation. People hate truth. For instance in a group situation, I can be totally open with somebody on a way that they won’t like it. I don’t care about this feeling  of insecurity I cause. If somebody feel uneasy or even go to cry, it is their problem. If they knew what I do, how I am talking with people, what the tools I use to work on a personality walls, they can ask me for help.
They must learn it too and it is not my fault, that their lack of education is missing on the handling of emotions and relationships. Understanding that, what is outside of your control, you just accept it as it is. If someone shoots you from the back, well life is over. You cannot live in fear, because there is an enormous chance that a hypernova wave will explode the earth at any second.
I am responsible to my emotions, actions and reactions. Yes, I love responsibility. It is an excellent personal development tool. Never  put it on anybody else then you, if truly you are the responsible one. Actually as an exercise, time to time, you can take up responsibility for the actions of others. Leaders should do this more often, fur sure ! Hold your back for your employees !

One Example: Long time ago, back in the good old days, I openly criticised multiple times the relation between me and my ex-boss. In a quiet big group of colleagues eating together, I told him in the eye that his behaviour is totally unacceptable to me as a director.
Our relationship is 100% professional. If his ‘orders’ are correct, I obey them as obliged by the company’s hierarchy policy, but I don’t small talk and I am not coming to any post work gatherings. I told him not to worry, as I am not somebody who mixes personal emotions and professionalism, like he does. I am not saying anything behind him, what I would not say to his eyes. I just don’t like him and the kind of person he is. As he totally knew and understood, that I was saying is true about his manipulating attitude, actions and double-sided behaviour, he was staying totally calm on the outside, however others were completely shocked. Well, only the first time. As anytime, something was wrong about him, I called him out and reminded him about his position in the company. You know, it did not change anything at all. About him, about our relationship, about anything in the company. However, it reinforced me.
Because I bring valeur to any team, with my work ethic and attitude to learning, I was never fired from anywhere. I was always welcome. I have only positive work references, what are all in the bin of course. 

Spiritual, despite the word spirit is in the word, doesn’t mean only meditation, gratitude, religion, God, yoga, psychedelics and so.
Spirituality is a lot. It is a way of living, being and thinking. I might see a person pretty spiritual, while he is seen by others materialistic and dry.
Spirituality is not necessarily a holy, out of body experience or believing in something divine.
I love doing my yoga, with a music what blocks out all outer noise. After a while I am getting into a place, what is recently was called by somebody the 4th dimension. It is an interesting way of looking at this. So what do I feel during these rare occasions ? Actually nothing and everything. My eyes are closed, so I don’t even understand where I am and if the “where” exist. I don’t feel the duration. The music is there, but I don’t necessarily hear it. It happens that without realising it, I lie down and stop moving. Just go with the waves of nothing and everything. When your brain doesn’t realise time, space and existence, you are in a “Flow” state. In the 4th dimension.
You see, how spirituality and philosophy can mix together ? It is still not only this.

A graspable explanation is lacking to this galaxy !


Sharing is caring. I have a deep and honest love towards my wife, that 99% of all times, we refuse all invitations to anywhere. I like being with friends, chatting around, having enormous fun and deep conversations, but being with my wife is very important. I’d like to spend more time with her and we feel that “the us time” is the most ever important in our life. She is not just my wife. She is my best friend. I share anything with her, she does the same. I am only 50%, without her. We complete each other. We are the ultimate human together. This is not something to show or share with others or the world. This is for us.

Being in a community is important. Having the somebody near you most of the time is extremely important too.

The 5D mesh

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 08.13.00

These dimensions are totally overlapping, mixing, growing and shrinking, getting denser or breaking down to get rebuilt stronger later on.
There are crafts what you can learn from books, then practice it later on. But there are many (hu)manships what are better harvested from/with others. Yes, you cannot play tennis alone, nor can you perform a musical quartet on your own. It is not only the teaching-learning part, but the interaction, the conversation, the visuality, the hands on technique. In case of jiu-jitsu, archery, philosophical discours, music, energy medicine or basically all realms out of your current knowledge. Better to go with somebody expert in the field. Afterwards, it s not new to the world that the padawan outgrows the master Jedi ! Don’t limit yourself to the knowledge of your teacher and never be afraid to respectfully question them !

Spirituality also overlaps with all others. I discipline myself to run, as I know that it makes me fell great during and after, for the entire day. I have the small regime of preparing my clothes the night before. Wake up in the morning, measure my HRV, drink a glass of water, get on the foam roller, go to the toilette, do some yoga and pilates, go for the 10-20 minute warm-up walk, jog a bit and then go ahead with a set of drills. This is already something what makes me smile as it flows to the conclusion of the day. If I did MAF session, the regularity of the breathing, the control, the perfect footsteps one after the other, brings me to a level of complete, out and in the body experience. I think about everything but in the meantime I have the empty mind too as I focus. Strange isn’t it ?
Then, if I did a high intensity session, the focus is very different and often get lost in a way. For instance in case of a tempo run on rolling hills, I might totally break down towards the top of each uphill. The only thing exist is posture, breathing, strides. It is not mindfulness, nor the empty the mind stuff. It is just posture, strides, breathing. The feeling of effort, the looking at my watch, the splits, the thoughts of going to work soon, are all gone ! Only the three things, advancing toward to top ! Then when bombing down on the waving hill, my body starts regaining it’s structure, my mind starts expanding again. – Focus on terrain, rocks, roots, steps, speed, cadence. Did I lace my shoes right ? Hope not to fall or twist an ankle ! My wife is missing me ? Fuck, I forgot to change the deflated inner tubes on my bike. 

Not only doing these actions, but recalling them, talking about them and understanding the character building of the entire situation becomes very spiritual. And physical, emotional, intellectual. When talk about this to my wife, it motivates her and she goes for a run too. Then she tells me the story of her run. We then go for a stroll together. Finnish with a great smile.

There are so many books written of big-men’s regular morning habits. Charles Duhigg the “Power of habit” is one of them.

While Winston Churchill did not honour his body, therefor I think did not totally expand his mind and spirituality, he had very strict daily habits. He wrote wonderful love-letters to his wife. He engaged in very deep, focused and multifaceted disputes every single day to keep him sharp. He wrote, but he dictated too. He was extremely disciplined. He slept a lot, he squeezed in a lot of focused deep work into his days and achieved a lot. I would say, that despite the alcohol and the smoking, he was a kind of superhuman of his days. He wrote 50books, got prime minister twice and was in governmental office for 50years with goals ! In the meantime, his personal life was also being ‘kind of’ served. I mean as much as you can do so, as a politician. 

You see, it is all overlapping. I separated the imaginary planes with paragraphs and titles, but actually it is totally impossible. All together they are what they are.

What is to learn ?

I cannot say. I cannot say that it all comes down to this and that. No. It is to learn and develop. It is to think. It is to share. It is to communicate. To practice. No questions asked. Levitating is for nothing if you cannot get higher. More is better. Also better is better. So knowing more, doing more, experiencing more is great. However it has to happen properly, deeply and with a purpose. I think the human mind really strives for construction. It is extremely difficult to explain. You don’t have to be a hard charging banker with the Lambo, nor you have to give away your properties and move to tibet. You might say, ohh, so being settled and living the average life with a different mindset can be a way to go. No, you cannot simplify that way. You must grasp these ideas with your mind, your heart, your soul, your body. Chew it, spit it out, step on, hammer it, reshape it, stretch it, re-chew it, swallow it, assimilated it and so on, till the end. No stopping for sure, but not exhausting. Going forward, but not rushing. Gaining insight, but not too much. No overflow needed. More water can come in, if you obtained a bigger glass.

Why did I write this piece ? For me and myself. I want to be a great sportsman. I mean, for sure in the eyes of many I am. However, I feel that if I focused exclusively on my physical actions and did not put any effort on the other factors, I would get left behind. I want to further develop my running, but I need to understand more the facets of life and human existence.

“Pressure shapes diamonds…busts pipes too ! “


Another great cut for the day !

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