The big fat organic misconception

Can you see the featured image ? Do you think that the grandma with the stick will bend down to get those fresh produces ? No, she will take the pasta, the jam and the soy sauce from the upper shelves ! 

I have been buying organic food since it’s existence. I have also been going to the fresh food outdoor veggie market since I was like 2 years old.

There is a big difference between the two though and in-between the people who visit them. This is what I try to express today. I would love to open the eyes of the retired, the obese, the sick ! Just because there is an organic logo on something, it doesn’t mean bat-shit ! Just because you use organic ingredients in your cake, it won’t help your diabetes ! The doctor told you to eat organic to lower your blood pressure, well it won’t cause changes to any degree ! Maybe, worsen it !

Why ? Because organic bread is just bread, organic frozen pizza is just pizza, organic biscuits are just biscuits. If it looks like pizza, it tastes like pizza, it will behave like pizza in your body. It uses organic sunflower oil instead of cheap canola ? Oil heated is oil heated ! A 5months old tomato sauce is still just an empty red paste with a logo. The grass-fed goat cheese burning on top, is the same as the 2€ cheddar. Gluten free with no bloating ? It will cause other problems down the line and still, won’t help !

Organic shops are set up on the exact same way as any other big supermarkets. You go through the crap isles, before you arrive to the fruit, vegetable and butcher section. Your panier is already full and you have only a small corner for a cucumber to be squeezed in and maybe to have a green banana on the other side.

I don’t care that who, why and how is paleo, vegan, vegetarian. Humans have only 3 food choices. Fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs. That covers legumes and sea vegetables too, insects and some spices. Some nuts and seeds.
Everybody must understand that anything else is a compromise. Flour, oil, sugar, honey, dried fruits and too much nuts and seeds, nut-milks, dry-cereals, muesli and rice cakes, corn flakes, tortillas, chips. Compromise ! Sausages, smoked bacon, smoked salmon ? Compromise !
It is our choice, that how much of this compromise we accept. Some people do eat in McDonalds weekly and still extremely healthy, because all other meals and lifestyle factors are perfectly in-tuned. Others see this and say, ‘I don’t even eat in McDonalds, why I am sick ?’ Why ? Because there is a small biscuit in the morning with the coffee sugared up. You eat fruit as a snack fermenting on the top of your meal together with the unpasteurized sheep-whip-cream. You put the healthy olive oil on your rice, served with the butter baked salmon followed by a small dessert. You do this every day. A little bullet every single meal is worst than a cannon-ball once a week.

The problem is that mostly elderly and obese fall into the traps of organic shops. I prefer sending them to fresh food markets, as they sell nothing else then fruits and vegetables. I mean that is it !

Unfortunately in some places it starts getting compromised and the wooden fired baking comes in with home-made biscuits, but they don’t last long mostly as the rain, humidity, snow, cold, heat, wind, insects damage those articles. Apples can be covered of flies, however if the skin is intact, they cannot penetrate. You just wash it anyways.

So yes, obese people and elderly. The lack of education, the sensitivity to advertisement and fake news. The influence of friends and neighbours is also mostly bad. “Oh, Joey eats like me, but he is not overweight, it must be genetic.” What you cannot see, is Joey is skipping 5 meals a week, he goes running and weight lifting 3 times a week. He is not healthy either, just because he is not obese !

So, the difference is the number of obese, sick and unhealthy visiting the organic shops and the fresh food markets. Outdoor markets are often unreachable by car, so you need to walk in and shuffle around. You move. It is often only once or twice a week. There are people, you must cue in. You spend time on fresh air. There might be rain, cold and wind. You are exposed to the elements. There are no carts. You must carry what you bought. You might have to do ‘allez-retour’ to your car’s trunk multiple times, if you bought food for a week. You must also use your brain about meals in advance. Hard-ass veggies like cauliflower, cabbages, cucumbers, carrots and potatoes will stay good for a week or more. Tomatoes, salad, celery, green leafy veggies, aubergines, some fruits like persimmon, peaches, water-melons and plums must be eaten within a couple of days.
Fresh food local outdoor market shopping, even if it was only once a week, needs some invested effort, some planning in advance ! It is not only a get in / get out experience. You check the colour, the quality, the ripeness, the smell. You engage with your seller, you ask questions. Outdoor market shopping brings communities just a little closer. It burns calories. It is good for everybody. It sells local endorsing the little productors.

For some of you, this might all sound non-sense, natural and totally general. However to others it is alien. Eating an omelette made of celery, spinach and eggs for breakfast with no bread ? Having 4 apples and a giant bunch of grapes for lunch, 6 hours later ? No snacking in-between ? Another 6hours with no snickers and coffee ? Lentils for dinner served on a mix of fresh green leaves ? Eat till you full from one meal with no entrée / no dessert ? A simple dish of baked potato with salt can be extremely satisfying ! On the exact same way, lamb chops with little salt and pepper, roasted on onions and garlic. Nothing else. No fries, no rice, no pasta with it.

Food simplicity with no or correct combinations ! Fruits and vegatables, meat fish and eggs ! That is it. Carbs with carbs, fats with fats. At least 6hours apart. Get very hungry inbetween meals ? You did not eat enough calories. You might be an athlete who has to switch meals up, going fatty in the morning and midi, before carb back loading in the evening. You might be the person who is better with 5 strategic little meals than 2-3 bigger meals. Now !

One last word. Despite the controversy about the 80/10/10 diet and Dr. Douglas Graham what he was preaching is always going to stay true: “The best for you to consume are raw, ripe, local, in season, organic, hand picked, unaltered, fresh fruits and vegetables.” We sure have to make compromises down the line or derail from this for a little while, but the compromise shouldn’t be between apple and apple sauce, if you knew what I meant !

You want to learn more ? You have questions ? You would like to regain your health ? Leave a comment down below and I will try finding a response to your queries. I will recommend you articles and books, to listen to certain podcasts. Education is the very first step towards health !


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