The curious case of honesty and responsibility

The power behind taking on responsibility of our actions is enormously important. It gives us a never experienced confidence. It provides constant motivation. In my opinion and in my personal practice, I feel that it makes life superbly easy and very much advancing. I do, I create, I talk and I hold my back to the consequences, to the end. Regardless they are good or bad ! It is me who created a chain-reaction, so I accept the rewards or I do my best to correct the faults down the line. True to work, true to family, true to life.
It is the most important disciplinary factor.

We are responsible of our health, of our children under the age of 18, of our actions, of our emotions, of the cleanliness of the apartment, of our mistakes and faults…
I cannot write down all the examples and could keep on going for 100s of pages with the description, trying to explain.
When I say : ” A responsible (wo)man !” It has way more meaning than the two words together.

We see in children’s, home pet’s and sport team’s examples, that they are often afraid of consequences and put the blame on someone else. A younger brother, a weaker colleague or a quieter team-mate. This is a pretty negative personality trait.
However, when a strong human takes up the responsibility and acts up on other’s mistakes, like a boss at work or the captain of the cross-country team, this is where growth happens. On the other side, steeling the trophies of winners, will do no good to anybody !
Naturally, don’t be stupid. If you did not cause a car accident, just because the responsible has a bigger voice and a more masculine presence, don’t let him to make you kneel! 

Honesty is seriously connected to responsibility. Honesty is a personalised smart openness. In case of actions and truth we should be honest. In some particular and personal cases, however this honesty should be limited to certain members of our group. So openness is part of honesty, but not equal to it. When you are going through a tough time at home and do not want to talk about it at work, well be kind, be thoughtful, share what you want and keep the rest to you and the appropriate circle.
Actually, I always handled my workplace as a total workplace. I had friendly work-relations, but never mixed them up with friendships.

My wife is my best friend, my life partner and my real half. I never talk behind her or about her, with anybody else, but she. I have no, really zero subject that I cannot discuss with her. I have absolutely nothing to hide ever. I mean ever. We advance through life together and take up challenges together. We sit down and talk about our feelings and emotions, our fears and doubts, our concerns and the probabilities.
In my opinions, if you cannot practice absolute honesty with the closest person to you, there is surely a high-wall somewhere to break down. This limit will overshadow the experience of the trait of honesty shown towards others.

There is also reality. Reality is honesty to your self. You must be honest and you must see yourself as you are. Mixing this all up with responsibility, you will have something special. Magic will happen. You can start changing the right now, but the future too.

When you can be honest to yourself, finally you take up responsibility for all of your actions, then you can be honest to others too. Honesty is not, not lying or telling the truth. Honesty is being open about feelings and emotions. Honesty is not, not hiding. Of course this is controlled. I am not gonna tell to the director that he is handling the company like it was his own wallet, wasting money, talking like shit to everybody and has absolutely zero qualifications to go through actions like he does. However I can still smartly and openly criticise him into his face on a way to make him understand, that times are changing and he must change with them.
Saying to a friend that he is a good friend, saying to a loved one that you love him or her, telling to your parents that as a kid you felt a little bit alone, I mean emotional honesty is very much important too.

“This is something I practice. It is really part of a mindful living. Something to think about, something to enter into the philosophy of life. We are humans and not guided only by instincts but much higher intelligence. These two disciplinary traits are on the top of the list in a human’s inner and external development and the more people practiced it, the better the world would become. 
Being honest and being responsible. “

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