Food for the messenger !

Image of DOSE: Austin Horse, 2 time messenger world champ

Weight, eating, hunger

I am hungry, all the time. I can eat a sheep. I can chug down 1kg of almond butter with 15 bananas. I am jus starving. Yeah, when you are out 10+ hours a day, this is how it goes. However, there are other guys who still ride 2-3-4 hour days, what counts already as extreme exercise and are chubby. Still having the baby belly. Still not able to shed the extra pounds. Not like they had any fitness, health or aesthetic goals. They however have financial objectives. The lighter and more efficient you are, the more money you can make. The strongest your digestive system, your lungs and your body is, the more toxins you can eliminate. Yeah, toxins there are ! Fumes, dirt, pollution, cigarette smoke, brake dust, paint and construction particles. Disaster ! I fortunately live in a city what is very hilly, there are mountains behind and is near the sea. The air is moving extremely well and a lot. It is not like the pollution of 1 month still sits in a valley, fogging up the view and plugging your alveolis.

So what you eat and how you eat it, when you eat it and why you eat it are all important. In my case I have two peak work periods. I run on empty stomach in the morning. I also have a motivational low point in the afternoon. These are the 4 major circumstances what needs covering up !

I must eat fatty and protein rich in the morning. I don’t care that it was 3 avocados and olives, beef, chicken, 10eggs, can of sardines or a double bulletproof coffee. I must eat those fats and proteins. If I did not do that after my morning run and before the first peak work period, at 1pm I already think about food. However the peak is like 11:30 to 15:30 ! I don’t stop basically.

  • 6:30 Wake up
  • 6:45 Coffee / 15caps spirulina
  • 7:30 Run for 20 to 90min
  • 9:45 Breakfast
  • 10:30 start riding
  • 11:30 to (14)15:30 – Peak hours
  • (14)15:30 Lunch
  • Light hours till 18-19:00
  • (18)19:00 – 22(23):00 second peak
  • 25 minutes fast ride home

Yes I do eat really greasy in the morning to have enough and efficient fuel for my body and to lubricate my joints. Extremely important. Also to not to play with my blood sugar level. The more sugary you eat, the more often you have to refuel, the more you will rise and decrease your blood sugar, the most likely you’ll have diabetic issues.
I mean sure, I exercise a lot. A biscuit, a cookie, a chocolate bar, fruits, a cake will do no harm. However, if it was after a bagel or a subway sandwich, then drank a bit of a coke, added white sugar to the afternoon coffee and maybe again ate a flour covered processed meat ball from a Lebanese restaurant…well the weekly accumulated crap percentage shoots up and the swimming slub starts appearing. I never do that and never drink not even orange juice. Nothing. Water and sparkling water !

So to continue with my day, at the afternoon I still eat fatty, but more likely plant based fats in the preview of the evening. If I knew that I will be extremely active, I often choose a nut / seed butter. I am not gonna lie here, price is important. I do max once a week a jar of almond butter, but more likely going for tahini or peanut butter. It is half the price. 2.99 / 3.99 for 2000kcals worth of organic cold pressed whole sesame paste or organic crunchy peanut butter. 4 small organic apples for like 1 bucks. I am good to go !

Time to time I have an extreme afternoon rush, so I might stop at the evening in a local shop to get some ripe bananas to keep on going, but as I get more and more efficient I just grind through the day and night with one single meal in the middle.
Controlling hunger is hard at the beginning as you just want to consume, consume and consume. However, you’ll realise that actually the best you perform when you don’t digest. When your body is done !

I also have some back up plans for Sundays for instance. There is no organic shop open, nor the regular supermarkets stay open after 14pm. There are many grill places though and I can get half a chicken for 3euro or a certified outdoor raised for 5.50€ . Price is important as when you don’t eat from the home stored foods, consumption shoots up ! You work 10hours a day to eat 2 or 3 hours worth of work in addition to what you consume at home ? No ! However you must eat and eat for fitness, energy, health and eat for the next day.

Fasting is also extremely important. We generate a lot of free radicals in addition to the pollutants we absorb. There is danger all around and the adrenals are taxed. Giving a break is a must. However break from work, being sick, staying in bed are not options. Fasting till 15 or sometimes 19pm, consuming only water, maybe coffee and tea is easy. Especially on busy days ! Just ride easy and chill. No rush on these days. I might earn 4-5 deliveries less, but still going extremely fine. Just chill.

Coffee, tea and infusions are great. I like them and consume them freely. I don’t care however about them. If I drank 6 long-coffees a day or did not drink any of it for a week, I am the same. I don’t care and don’t look for it. If I had friends in the local coffee shop, I sit down and go for an espresso or an americano with no sugar. Maybe a thick cappuccino. There is one thing, that I don’t do ! Capsules and tea bags ! I know at least 5 tea houses who serve fresh tea from loose leaves and 7 out of 10 restaurants freshly grind coffee !
I do one single coffee shot from a capsule, I feel the jitters and most probably a headache. It is not like I am sensitive. It just shows that it is crap and filled with rubbish ! No capsules and instant dark amer water.

This is how I roll for now over a year. Still riding very strong. I used to be riding not more than 10000km a year what comes down around 300km weeks. Now for 2018 I am over 30000 km what is getting high. No joint issues, no health problems. In the meantime I ran ultra-marathons and fast trail races. I am taxing the body. It is all good however !

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