SALT: Chronic Muscle Tightness and Cramping, High Fat approach, Ketogenic state and more


I listened to some Jocko interviews in the past and he described some symptoms of his, what I feel like I am experiencing now. It is like your body is squeezing itself. Like your muscles are pulling on the bones and joints all the time. I need a lot of time to loosen up and get the mobility going, however once it is done first in the day, I am good to go. Next day start back from ground zero though ! I am good to go, I mean I used to be. Now I have to stretch during the day too as I have inner tight and calf tightness coming on, time to time.

Everybody says static stretching is good for nothing, however I find that with breathing, while listening to a podcast, it is extremely relaxing. Also doing repetitions of mobility exercises and static stretching on a joint is way more efficacious than one or the other all alone. For instance regular calf stretch followed by bend knee soleus stretch, then feet exercises while wrapped with voodoo bandage. Then back to stretching. Ankle circles and toe drills. Stretching again. Then calf raises in all angles.

Either ways, the feet are little by little getting better. I think it is a tendonitis. I mean call it however you want, aponeurosis or plantar fasciitis. The strange thing that I used to have this in the middle of my feet. Last time I experienced this was back in Dublin like 8years ago. Now it is on the arch region of my left and the total outer part of my right foot. Both feet however have time to time some tingling along the mid finger line.


I find that despite my quiet okay nutrition, I must triple if not quadruple my salt intake. I used to be a vegan and this high fat approach in the last 2 years makes me very excited, but I forget about the salt fact. I am not sure that it is acquired or it is me, but I extremely in love with the taste of food. When I eat a salad, I like actually just eat veggies how they are, not chopped together. I love eating a quality apple or chewing on watercress. I enjoy drinking high quality water. This is why I use Himalayan salt. It more likely tastes like mineral, than salt only. The local guerande salt is okay, but it is more salty and it needs, special care, as it absorbs water very fast.

I also don’t get most of my fats from meat, but more likely nuts and seeds, avocados, olives. I use some olive oil, some coconut oil, but not a lot. I also find that going on the ketogenic way dulls me. It makes me kind of numb and unmotivated. I need carbs. Not much, just a little. For instance, last time, I cooked a 600g beefsteak for 2.5h on low heat in the presence of an apple and a carrot. That was my breakfast. That is about 100kcals of carbs, including fibre and other simple and complex, digestible and non-digestable carbs.

So yes, back to square one to the first equation. When going high fat, exercising or fasting for intermittent periods or over 24h, SALT is a must ! Salt for movers is a must !
When you eat more salt, you excrete more salt. When you excrete more salt, you can pull more water to your skin and sweat more properly. Cooling you down way more efficiently. Actually salt intake is related to water retention too. So before, during and after a race, when you have puffy ankles and swollen feet, it is very often related to low salt levels and salt imbalance and too high pure water consumption.

Listen to this podcast if wanted to know more about salt. Quiet fascinating, that actually complete salt is a performance enhancer for the healthy athlete and needs a lot of it ! Drinking coffee, cacao, chicory root drink for instance makes me very healthy. Drinking tea and infusions makes me healthy too. However everything caffeinated leaches minerals out from the body including, bones, tendons, ligaments, marrow and so. Some says it is bad. Others say, that actually it is great, because these minerals get aged old and used up and are very much bonded in the sturdy structures of the human body. Get rid of them and replacing them often with freshly consumed ones are a good way of refreshing the structural base of the body.

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