Plantar Fascia update

Well, I had one more night when the ice massage became very painful, however the return of he blood while holding on to the infrared was pain free. I also had one night some mild feeling of not pain, but a sensation that it is not 100% okay. I keep up with the ice and infrared treatment though, because while running, while cycling and while walking I have absolutely zero sign of any injuries.

Since the last update I had one high impact training session with dynamic plyometrics and run drills finishing off with a couple of “perfect-form” accelerations and also this mornings trail run. No pain, no problems.

In the meantime, day before yesterday I over worked my core, lost balance afterwards during a head-stand and smacked my feet to the ground while toes dorsiflexed. I think I damaged the joint capsule of both big toes. That will need healing again, as it is painful while dorsiflexed. No problems when running and cycling, but significant pain when doing feet and ankle mobility. Disaster !

I have objectives and goals, race ideas, however at this moment I don’t subscribe to any races. I will keep on self developing and when time comes I will get an entry somewhere !

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