Supplements I take to be an extreme endurance athlete !

If you wanted to be really efficacious, you must do a blood test and analyse it from a sport performance perspective. Why ? For instance the minimum level of B12 to not get diagnosed with deficiency in France is 200 pmol/L while in Japan it is 500 ! Cyclists do inject B12 if under 800 ! This is true to all other salts, minerals, hormones, vitamins, nutrients. You have to know how much you, as an individual would need !

  • You must know what foods / drinks to combine your supplements with, or not !
    “Iron + coffee” / “heart medication + grapefruit” / “creatine and low salt diet” ! 
  • Overdosing is rare. However you have to make sure, that in case you did not do the blood test and you take in too much, your body can handle it and eliminate it ! You have to have the perfect lifestyle habits and diet !
  • You must know what kind of supplements go together !
    “Iron + Zinc” / “Ca + MG”  – Yes or No ? 
  • You must choose the level of quality and purity you accept !
    “Pure white powder” / “Dropper bottle” / “Capsules” / “Fillers” !
  • Change brands often enough to not to build up stored toxins from possible hidden ingredients. Also to use a different form or the same form but gained from a different extraction / creation method.
  • Follow the eat stop eat method. After each month, take a week off. After each season, when winding down, just drop them, even for a month !

What do I take ?

To check purity and quality you can use Labdoor or Examine !

Check out my strava, to see why do I take supplements. 200km foot races, self supplied through hikes, speedy track run sessions, high intensity high impact strength training, 100mile hard bike rides, daily 6 to 10hour messenger shifts, up and coming baby, constant learning, writing and self-development.

Have questions, ideas, opinions ? You want to know why, how much, how, when and how I periodise these ? I mean that is even more important to when to take what in relation to meals and training and sleep and …!  Discussion is the best way to learn !


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