Don’t be afraid of CBD !

Sport people are the first adopters of health habits. When the Olympic committee accepts and the Wada deletes something from doping list, it means that it is getting attention. Not performance enhancing on a way that it gets anybody to an unfair advantage and probably is cool !

Unfortunately THC is still banned. Why unfortunately ? Well, I don’t like to fly, I don’t drink alcohol neither do mushrooms. I like to be present and sharp all the time. So for pre race or post race wind down, it is not for me. However a full spectrum marijuana tincture could be used topically with enormous benefits. I mean, people cure cancer with it.
The problem is that it is absorbed through the skin. It might be able to show up in blood tests. If it is in your blood, it might have a pain numbing effect or giving a slight mental edge.
For instance saddle sores, open wounds, skin rashes, egzema, psoriasis, seborrhea, warts, insect bites, bruises, ankle twists could be treated with the dark potion. Yes it is black as !

CBD extract is effective too of course. It has some limitations, but it is effective. You got into a bike crash ? Have a lot of “pizzas” on your skin ? Racing next day ? One drop of high % CBD oil into each wound ! No, I am not a doctor ! I do this to myself ! Next day I close up the wounds with charcoal.

Use CBD for sharpness and sleep

CBD is not giving you extra powers. It makes you, you or who you should be. It is not stimulating or flying you ! You will not feel superpowers or dullness. You will just feel better after a good night sleep. Even better after weeks of great sleep ! When travelling a lot, when stressed, when driving a lot, when competing a lot, when ever you are over the edge. Instead of having a coffee, have it with the coffee.

As I said, I don’t do shit in my life. I might eat a pizza every 2nd month and a small slice of olive bread or a cookie here and there, but no alcohol or icecream break outs ever. I mean this year I ate like 1 organic ice cream and one organic sorbet, that is it. I more likely flow with real tastes of a persimmon fruit or a fantastic tomato.
Still, despite that I live healthfully, I find great benefits from CBD. There is traffic, though I drive little. There is noise and disturbance, despite that I live in an apartment block with only, really only pensioners. I eat organic, but organic is not organic anymore. It is just a patch, a stamp, a marketing tool.
What I am saying here is that despite that I am healthy, I am even better with CBD. It just works fine on its way:

  • I use a full spectrum 8% or 12% CO2 hemp extract in hemp oil, with not only CBD but other cannabidiols in it. Hold it under the tongue for like 5minutes.
    • 1 or 2 drops with my coffee in the morning.
    • 3 to 6 drops, after I washed my teeth, when going to bed.
    • 1 drop in half a tea spoon of hemp or melted coconut oil. Massage it into wounds, saddle sores, insect bites.

I use it nearly every day. For 50bucks it lasts a bit more than a month. Pre race evening anxiety ? Travel stress ? Time zone issues ? Calm the f..k down and rise to the occasion ! 

So, it is not illegal. On the contrary, it is pushed and marketed even for sportsmen. Use it and improve your health. It is just a plant ! Like Coffee, Tea, Mate, Cacao or Spinach !

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