Focusing on what is important to you

“When two pedestrians confront each other on the street, both of them steps on their left and surprise, the world keeps progressing ! “

This is what we should do as humans. People just do not understand how society and politics work, nor do they get how life works. They protest about anything, what makes sense to them, but no sense at all. Fuel is two expensive ? You freckin’ drive 20km twice day all alone in your 2L car passing the highway control twice ? Are you mad ? Get a bike, an electric bike or a scooter. A 125 Xmax driven correctly rides like 300km on 5€ and goes faster on the street than your BMW stuck in highway traffic. Why do you accept ridiculous food prices ? Last time I bought a bottle of Innocent smoothie, a carrot, an organic cucumber and a tomato. The guy tells me 8.50 ! Listen, If I bought a crap piece of bread with ham and cheese, that would have been like 2 bucks, with 5 times as much of energy in it. This is what doesn’t make sense ! In McDo you could buy 3 menus a day for under 10bucks, while you would not be able to afford raw fruits and vegetables twice a day for a 3 person family ? Is this not ridiculous ?

Nobody is protesting about food prices, about drinking water quality, about sanitation, about ridiculous land taxes, about too much crap getting sold in the shops, about dentist prices going up ! Animal rights activists don’t complain about pet dogs kept in apartments, never seeing dirt, but only concrete ! The city even pays a special group and buys special hovering machines to suck up dogshit ! We are screwed !

Guess what ? If all people put in more work, for themselves, instead of protesting, they would have more money, they would gained more knowledge, they would be a better human. 3 days of protesting is 6 books read ! What ? You got it. Go out to the nature with a book in your hand, read it, nap at the afternoon, get another book and read ! Educate yourself, to really understand what is going on around you !

This is why I say, it is better to look away, never get into arguments with people like this and avoid them. They get carried away by the mass. They are just sheep. Don’t lead them, don’t get inbetween them, just leave and enjoy your life to its max.

Live your life with passion. Find ways to go around the system. Find ways to live for you, for your dreams, for your family, for your children. Find a way to propel your perception of happenings to a new level. Get rid of the clutter !

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