What do I think about lab grown meat ?

Meat is a superfood ! It supposed to be ! When I eat meat, I feel like a superhuman. When I eat meat, my recovery goes through the roof ! When I eat meat my athleticism doubles ! EXCEPT IF I DID IT EVERY DAY ! Personally, if I did eat proper meat, not processed, smoked and dried aged stuff, but proper fresh meat every day, I don’t feel good. My body composition changes and I start putting too much muscle on. Not good for athleticism. Also my whole body inflammation goes up. I still don’t get sick, but I become more prone to saddle sores, more prone to little gum ache and gum bleeding, my joints become more achy and cranky, my back needs more mobility work, certain foods trigger farting and bloating. Sure, that my high end muscle recovery is better and I can be more aggressive and push plyometrics, sprints, kettlebells and lifting more often. But how long and is it good to do those more often ?

Once a week and my body is monstrously recovering and feeling like a superhero, 7 times a week and I am degrading !

I used to be 100% vegan for 7years, so I have a great background filled with knowledge about a plant based living. Not a cereal based, vegan cookie filled tortilla chips muncher lifestyle, but a real fruity and veggie based thriving !
With the hours of training and outdoor activities I practice, I can say, that it is pretty amazing what you can do on only plants. In my opinion, it has some limitations, but if you had enough money and go smart on supplementing, you can level up pretty high !

On the other hand, simple sedentary people could go all the way with a vegan lifestyle. “They often say, but I love meat so much !” Guess what, you don’t need it to live and perform the way you do, so you won’t get it as there is not enough, but also there are other people on the planet who really need it ! Toughen up ! Most people in the world could go 100% plant based, even if 30 to 40% of calories came from cereals. Rice, quinoa, barley and oats, organic wheat, fonio, buckwheat and so. The starch solution and other books and researches very well explain, that even if a diet is extremely high in carbohydrates, if the fat intake stays under 10% and 51% or more of the calories come from live uncooked fresh organic food, like fruits and vegetables, a very high level of health could be achieved.

Endurance and fat burning can come from fasting and intermittent fasting. The oils and fats for the brain can come from a multitude of vegetables very well periodised into the diet. Olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, flex seed oil, but also from totally non processed sources like avocados, sesame seeds, all kind of nuts. A fat based plant based period can also be included into a winter lifestyle, where nut-butters increase, tahini and pumpkin seeds can be added in greater quantities. When I roast butternut squash I just leave the small seeds in. I eat them with the shell ! Guess what, when you eat grapes, you crack open some of those seeds and grape seed oil is extracted in sufficient quantities. Same true to grapefruit and oranges. Even lemons.
Instead of lab grown meat, people should focus on sustainable argan and palm. Organic cold pressed red palm oil is even better than coconut oil. Black tahini and amlou made from argan oil, almonds and honey ? Great !

What do I say here ? That the average person, do not need meat to live happy, fulfilled and healthy ! You do not need to eat meat every day, 3 times a day ! I am a bike messenger, educator, personal trainer, coach and so. My day is filled with physical and mental activities. Check out my strava. I upload 75% of all my training, you can see over 35hours of weekly sport. I eat extremely high quality organic meat once a week, I eat a 1 raw egg 3x a week and maybe a can of sardines here and there. I do not eat burgers, sandwiches, sausages, patés and all kind of processed or unprocessed meat products. If I don’t need, you sure don’t need !

Lab grown meat is like, looking for a solution to make short-term money. The focus to make the world a better place should be way somewhere else ! This will just take up more place, more money, more brain and cause more distraction.

Education would be a way better choice. It is the same exact situation with fuel. Prices going up, resources getting low. Still giant ships and cruisers are going all over the planet. You don’t need a car to commute 30km ! It is done on the bike if you were fit and healthy ! Weather proof winter bike tunnels are already visualised in brains ! Also work flexibility should be practiced ! It is raining and muddy, windy, or too sunny ? Go on holidays for a week or too. You feel like motivated ? Go get out some 15hour days from your system. The 35 – 45 hour work weeks can be done in 3 days, then you do what you want for the next 4 ! Get ideas and refresh your mind, so the next 3 days at the desk will be more productive !

There are some big-big problems in the current society and economy. Meat is not one of them ! Our focus should be pointed totally somewhere else. Education, motivation, brain rewiring. Opening the eyes and giving on knowledge ! “We are french, we are eating baguette, cheese and drinking wine every day !’ Guess what, it is not good for you, not good for the environment, nor for the economy, neither for the future of the world !

Making dietary, choices, restrictions or expansions are not sacrifices ! Just a choice. Food has a function, and while short term rewards of taste and mouth tingling is real, the happiness in life should come from totally somewhere else.

Thumbs down for lab grown meat. I’d rather go 100% vegan, or hunt and fish myself, than buy and eat that stuff.

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