BLOG: Bumpy road to success

After my 200mile in September I was really smoked for about 2 weeks. Also as I got back to training, I got injured. First of all the messenger work just messed with my knees. I cured it by switching back to the old ways : clipless pedals ! Then one training session just killed my plantar fascia and was on and off for a couple of week, then it went away. As I was cleared of all symptoms, I went on to run easy for a week to make sure. Then slowly added back tempo runs with loads of warming up. I kept up with my strength training routine. I now have to very much keep an eye on it. I am mixing in some intensities from running, but mostly keep it tempo level. I try avoiding pavement to not to flare it up. I am gonna get in the necessary high end speed work from uphill nordic walking and mountain biking.

I am feeling extremely motivated. I signed up for a 9km race and really looking forward to enjoy it and to push my self to my utmost limits.

In the meantime I got sick. First time since 2016 September. I don’t think it is about my immune system being down. Most likely that my wife got infected at her workplace. When somebody breathes into your face, all night long while sleeping, unavoidably you’ll get sick. Even if it is only a mild one, I feel it. Cleared out my sinuses with the nose-buddy, did 15minutes on the infrared and coconut oil-pulled for 15 minutes. Gonna repeat this another time today and will keep a low profile in case of food. Intermittent fasting or full blown fasting can have magical effects on being sick. I mean seriously. Being sick for a week like hell, you do 24h fast in bed with some intermittent outdoor walks and next day, like you have never had any issues.

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