November Training Block

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Got into some serious training, despite the sickness and some bodily issues. Cranky knees, plantar tightness, aching back. However as time flies by and as I think every day about my recovery, things started to change. Like my sleeping mat, like my pre and post work, workout habits. Food timing. I restarted using the inversion table every day. The iron, Vit D and folate supplementation starts working too. I had a small 3 weeks off from spirulina, but reordered it too. I also did stop the morning high fat coffee for 3 weeks, but got back into it.

At the end, while I still would need a couple of hours of extra sleep, my recovery is fantastic. No more issues and I can keep on training. The last 3 weeks block was fantastic in case of running. I went through speed and interval sessions with a lot of difficulties to maintain the predicted speed and form, but managed to pull them off, without breaking down. I am entering a VO2 phase for 2 workouts this week, but it will be a little bit less demanding, as I am more likely a slower but higher volume runner. The speed I get out from my training doesn’t translate to the speed of my races. As an example of my last half marathon, my most demanding and fastest training was 10 x 1km at 3:45/km for a 3months block. I finished the race with a 3:35 avg-speed what is 10sec faster per kilometer.
The regularity and the constant work what does conclude to confidence. If I pull off an uninterrupted serious training block, with a great taper, yes I can run faster and better. Then build on it !

November is off and away. December already started. I am not a Christmas guy. Pigging out and laying on the couch is not my thing. Christmas dinners and family gatherings neither. I love my family all day every day and don’t need occasion to get together. It can happen anytime. So as always, xmas for me will not interrupt training at all.

Keep on going !

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