How did I eliminate food poisoning ?

There are three major type of food poisoning. Basically only two as the third one we could, say is not coming from the food itself, but from chemicals. Chemical poisoning.

One is material type like having too high amounts of chemicals on the food. That can be lead, washing liquid, plastic, polystyrol, pesticides, fungicides, bleach, industrial vinegar and much more. IT might happen but it is rare !

The second is plant or animal toxins like, hazardous champions, indigestible herbs, insects and so. Be careful when you do smoothies for sure ! Throwing in a full head of lettuce with 30-40 garden roaches hidden in it, or a handful of spinach with a couple of red and black slugs, maybe a bunch of watercress with spiders or a baby toad sneaking around.
I once made a very simple green banana smoothie with baby chards. I added a couple of frozen bananas at the bottom to cool down my summer drink. The time I waited to let it melt a little bit, a giant black spider appeared on top of my blender. I mean really a big one with thick legs. I wouldn’t want that in my smoothie, nor his eggs.

The most common is having bacteria developed on the food itself due to rotting, fermentation, bad storage and treatment. Also transferred to the food by non-hygienic personnel or animals. Animals can be insects, like cockroaches, flies, snails and slugs, bees and all kind of creepy crawly creatures. Birds and mammals too, but what concerns us mostly are rodents like rats and mouse, cats and dogs.
Outside of bad bacteria, viruses can be transferred too, by humans, molluscs and others.

If you knew what is going on, you can separate your approaches, but I personally am never sure. I have a very sane diet. I don’t eat crap, I try washing my fruits and veggies, but it is not good to rub them to death either. I eat meat like once a week or once every two weeks, 100% organic and well prepared and cooked. So I don’t know that it came from a handshake, somebody coughing near me or the touch of the sink in a public toilet or I ate something passed or pissed. Literally ! You must wash your canned drinks as rats and mice are pissing on it and it is often treated with rat poison. The big brands are mostly okay, but asian ones are hazardous. All the coconut water, lichee juice, ginger beer, aloe-vera drinks ; be careful with them.

Actions I take

The very first is always charcoal. I feel something is going on, I mix one heaped teaspoon of activated coconut-shell charcoal with 1.5 dl of water. I might repeat this for another one or two times if necessary, but mostly one is enough. It collects and absorbs all the crap, I throw up and off I go.
However in 99% of the cases, some of the bad stuff already passed through the stomach and it must go through the intestines entirely before it can be eliminated. It damages the gut flora all the way to the bottom. Causes you all kinds of shaking, fever, diarrhoea, flaring up of old injuries and so. Yes, I have now, 36hours later, a serious back and neck pain, all my cuts and bruises and old fractures are painful or itchy, my joints hurt and have a headache. It will pass in like one day or two. Welcome to fever-land.

The second for me is calming the stomach and the gut. One or two doses of clay. I add one heaped wooden/plastic spoon of green/white clay. Montmorillonite or Kaolin.
This will be like 2 hours after I vomited.

If my stomach is stabilised and have little headaches and feel okay, I might do a high fat coffee with a little butter and a big spoon of coconut oil. That is diuretic to a certain level, but also nourishes the stomach.

If that was not the case, I would go with magnesium flakes.
One big spoon of magnesium chloride/nigari diluted in 1.5dl water with one drop of oil of oregano. Often recommended to add 2 or 3 drops. I just find it so greatly potent that I don’t want to add more.

Normally at this time 24h already passed with no food intake. I use two brands of sparkling water. One is magnesium rich, the other is very complex salt rich. I drink some plain water, but mostly sip on this two. The French brands of Rozana and St Yorre. They work.

First of all don’t worry if you didn’t eat for 2-3-4 days. If you were healthy before, this means nothing. People can fast for 40 days or more. Easy ! The morning after the first uninterrupted, well slept night I start sipping on my veg soup. I just throw on a big pot of water with garlic, onion, cauliflower, carrot, celery, potatoes, whatever is in the kitchen. Don’t need a lot of veggies, just a bit of everything. Spice it up with cumin, salt, black pepper, little ginger, Curcuma and a spoon of olive oil. Add chicken legs and wings if wanted, but me perso, when sick, I avoid all animal foods. It just doesn’t feel right to my body in this stage.
Cook it on low for 3-4 hours. Strain it and give the solids to your wife to do herself a stir-fry. I sip on this 5L of soup for the day.
If I felt great at the evening, I might add some solids to my plate. Maybe an apple or a banana. Last night my wife munched on organic chocolate granola. I asked for a small ball. Took it very slowly and chewed it very well. It was the portion of a 3 year old toddler, but took me 30minutes to eat it. You would not want to dump a lot of un-chewed solid foods into your stomach.

Sum Up

  • Charcoal once or twice
  • Clay 1-2-3 times
  • Sip on salted water
  • Magnesium flakes in water with a drop of oregano il 1x / 2x
  • Veg Stock
  • Solids

I could complicate this with citrate de betain, bicarbonate of soda nebulising, infra red lamp therapy, epsomsalt-redwine baths, coconut oil pulling, special abdominal massage routines, concentrated breathing techniques and much more.
However most people don’t even  have clay and charcoal in their homes. We talk about a 10€ a year investment. The clay can be used for so many things afterwards. Face mask, joint poultice or to calm eczema and burns. I had a giant cut last time on my palm, till the bone. Deep as ! I stuffed it with charcoal 4 times a day for 4 days. No infections, no pain, no problems. It healed perfectly. Magnesium flakes cost nothing and last forever too.

The longest food poisoning I had, was 72hours top. I am very rarely sick, so I remember well the 3 last occasions in the last 7years. After about 36hours I always stop the vomiting and after 48, the headaches are gone too. After 3 days, I am back in training and working mode.

I hope this blog, gave you a couple of ideas or options, in case you cannot reach your doctor. I also recommend to always travel with charcoal tablets. Airplane travel and being enclosed with that many people, while the AC is on, is not good for you. Pop a couple of charcoal tablets.

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