Lessons from the Edge

I recently have seen two trail running movies. One was the new Killian Film, what is of course gracious, honest, brutal and very artistic in the meantime.

The second film is also including professionally recorded images, but a lot of handheld camera shooting too. It shows human lives, decisions, actions and choices we make. It is not only about running, despite that it is what we do, what we know, what we practice. I could say the more we run and the more we have already ran, the least it is about running.
The films is about Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel, two Africa Runners getting over to the Great Himalayan Trail, traversing it and doing deep work on themselves.
I always say that I hate dramatised sport films. Somehow this is always the case, talking about tennis, rugby, car racing, basketball, whatever. It is possible, that people doing the greatest achievements in the world, must overcome extreme hardship. Many scientist and motivational speakers talk about it, that hardship is necessary to strive as a human.

I am personally a bit different. I somehow find smiles and laughing in every moment of life and running. I might be grumpy, I might have a dislocated shoulder and a broken rib, I might be totally lost, blocked by snow, with no food, no GPS battery left, I might have a family member or friend died, I might have lost money or important possession, but I am still joking and laughing around and having fun. I don’t do dramatisation, but on the contrary. I experience drama, but I turn it to a comedy. I am definitely not a comedian, nor the best joker, but find so many things funny and laughable, what other people don’t get. Maybe I have a LaFontaine way of thinking ? Learning a lot from little actions and results from those actions.

Anyways, I loved the film, I would love to go there and do the GHT and would highly recommend to anybody not even into running to watch the film and to go to Nepal if can.



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