BLOG: Week S02 W03

3rd week of training is done. At this moment with constant small changes and adjustments in volume, intensity and training formulas, everything goes by the plans.


For this weekend there was a hard endurance session on the plate. 8km @ 3:50 – 3:52/km . I decided to jump into a 10km race, so at least I share the effort with other runners. It was the Rondes des Fountaines in Opio. Started fast out on a slight downhill at 3:24 / 3:24 / 3:28 pace for 3km, what is not so bad. Unfortunately the toilet was full at the beginning of the race, so I could not go for a final enlightenment. This caused me increasing issues during the race, so accelerations and downhills were quiet, we can say interesting, trying to squeeze my cheeks together. I did not look for excuses though, just kept running as I could. The pace was very comfortable and holdable generally, though I got into some lung whistling on certain climbs. I enjoyed it a lot. I finished at the end unfortunately quite slow as I was on the edge of crapping myself. 5th place. Not so bad. The objective of the training run, well, as average pace goes, was pretty much on spot. 2km longer, but on spot. 100% under control.

Now, the focus will be on speed endurance and longer more race specific sessions will come into the picture. Not yet 100% race pace and race effort focus, but towards it ! Still will mix in some faster 200s and 400s and of course the hill sprints will continue. 8 weeks to go till the 2nd “A” race of the season.

Great time with friend, researcher, author, traveller and epic runner Jérôme Sordello:


Check out his books: 


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