BLOG: S4/11

Last weekend’s tune up race left me a bit sore. In the previous macrocycle, I had done 1 tune up race,  but I did not include it totally into my training. I actually micro-tapered before and micro-rested after. This left me with basically no fatigue, neither tiredness. This time I did not do anything like that, but kept up with my training during the week of the race. I did not cut bike-messenger work either. On Tuesday before I had a 4 x 200 / 4 x 400 / 4 x 200 set what was a hard and fast one, followed by 8 x 2min on mixed terrain on Thursday and was out for 1h15 on Saturday morning. I did a couple of 10hour bikeshifts and also worked till 11pm the day before the race. Well, this lack of micro-taper makes all the difference. The race did not go well either. I mean it was planned as a training run, on the exact speed I completed it, but we know how we racers are, we like to win 😀 Also this race was everything but cool. It contradicted my training. There were no accelerations, no turns or twists, no real technical terrain. Out and back with little variation. The first 3km was 3:24/3:28/3:24 – before we started hitting some rolling hills and trails. This is usually not the case.

So yes, Monday morning I woke up, went down to the local track, warmed up and started doing some drills. My calves were sore very sore, my psoas were tight. Last time, I took time to recover my cardio, but I did not have muscle soreness. Now, I can say the opposite. I probably will need 1 full week to get this one out from the system. However training should not suffer and will not suffer. Why ? Because there is cross training !

This week will be a modified one. I will be jogging and doing some light running every day, for sure, but my main sets will be elsewhere.

Did you ever see nordic walking training for XC skiers? I have been doing it for almost 1,5 decade now. It is excellent for power, leg speed, coordination, balance, core training and control. There are tons of drills and techniques, what can turn into a cardio taxing activity.

Wednesday Nordic Walking workout:

  • 2 x (1min Nordic Walk(NW) hard + 1min easy + 1min Nordic Run(NR) hard + 1min easy)
  • 6 x 1min NW high cadence (just to get to the bottom of the slope)
  • 10 x 10sec Ski Striding uphill hard
  • 5 x 15sec double poling on a very steep around 45° hill

Friday MTB Workout:

  • 5 x 1min hard uphill / 2min off
  • 5 min Bike carry on a very steep slope
  • 5 x 2min hard uphill / 1min off

Sunday MTB Workout:

  • 2 x 20min moderate to hard uphill / flat / rolling (non-technical) 
  • 10 x 10 sec very hard sprints steep uphill out of the saddle


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