I basically killed my calf soreness in a couple of days. Foam rolling and using the stick, multiple daily static and dynamic stretching routines, 100s of calf raises, voodoo flossing, applying silica based cream 3 times a day and essential oil massage 3 times day, but also 2 x 15minutes of infrared lamp treatment.

However, I decided not to go for it yet on the track. I did a longer trail run of 1,5hour by pushing myself to the limits on technical uphills. Like 2min + 4min + 2min + 6min + 2min 4min + 3min + 2min + 2min. Recoveries were between 10sec and 6min. Actually it helped a lot to recover my soleus. That is the muscle I was having trouble with. The multidirectional ankle torsion created by the obstacles with each step just worked out the niggles.

I added a mountain bike interval set yesterday morning. It was epic and pretty much lung busting.

So, I did 4 x 1minute with 2 minutes break. Then 1 x 3minutes. Then 4 x 2minutes with 1minute break. All steep uphill, high cadence, on not so technical, but rocky dirt track. This is a fantastically functioning structure. I gave an all out effort from the first time my timex beeped. As recoveries go, I was still pedalling up the hill. No stopping.

I have a 11/50 12 speed cassette, so I cannot run out of gears. I can however still raise my cardio not just by the angle of terrain or power of each stroke but by elevating the cadence.

The first set is already very violent as I was not afraid. My lungs were whistling, but the bike still goes up. I knew that the 2 minutes of recovery is going to solve my acidosis. After the final two minutes of recovery I went into the 3minutes work interval. That is a big switch, as from suicide sprints I went to a kind of controlled effort. I was holding on the my life and squeezing the handle bar as the terrain got more techy and steep.

Then I had only 1minute of easy moving, before went on to the next segment of 4 x 2minutes with 1minutes of break. This is another metabolic switch. Here, because of the previous workload, the 1minute recoveries are not necessarily enough. I also still pedalled uphill during the 1minute rest periods. The intensity factor was even more elevated like for the first 4 sets.

This is a kind of workout what can prepare you do changing race dynamics. It was done on the bike, but it quite well translates to trail running races. Afterwards I had like a 10minute downhill, where my quads and forearms were trashed totally. I am having a great overall body fatigue and it feels good. My calves are feeling totally fine.

Workout structure:

  • 4 x (1min @ very hard + 2min off)
  • 3min @ hard + 1min off
  • 4 x (2min @ hard + 1min off)

I used very high cadence and got out from the saddle for 6 to 8strokes in the middle of each interval, just to roll over bigger / higher rocks. It is not much, but you’ll feel it in your quads ! I held on to correct form for 90% of the time, being upright in a sort of all mountain position. I lost it towards the end of some sets, pulling myself on the handlebars and clinching my teeth while roaring.

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