Blog: Got Sick

At least it is 10days out of my next race. It won’t be a “Type A” event, but still important in case of preparation. For security reasons and of course to avoid health repercussions. I will cut like 3 days and do 24h fast every day. For 3 days. Consuming only 1 or 2 coffees, 2Litres of vegetable stock and chicken broth, sparkling spring water, herbal infusions and a special blend of magnesium flakes, salt and lemon juice. Technically it is not really fasting, as probably I consume like 50kcals total in the non eating period, but I need that cause I still do a basic 6hours bike messenger shift.

I am very rarely really sick actually, maybe once a year I get some little flu, what takes me off the rails for 1 or max two days. This is my second day and while the baby-shout-night was causing shortish sleep , I feel slightly better.

I cannot explain in serious depth with the supportive science, what I do to get out the fastest possible from the death-cycle of getting sick, lingering, getting sick again, feeling like shit, getting sick again. I have a generally very healthy life with great nutrition, nature walks barefoot, sea and fresh water swimming, breathing and strength practices and all this together with my lovely wife.

  1. I woke up this morning and jugged down 2dl of magnesium flake filled water with organic squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Straight after I sipped on half a litre of vegetable stock.
  3. Then I was on the foam roller for 20minutes.
  4. I boiled some water, poured it into a bowl and added 1 drop of pepper mint, 1 drop of rosemary and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. I inhaled it with extremely deep belly breathing for like 10minutes till the oil and the smell completely disappeared. I had the infrared light on, lighting up my face.
  5. Then got out my nebulizer. I made a solution of 1dl of water mixed with one heaped teaspoon of baking soda. Added it to the tank and drank the rest. Then 25minutes of nebulizing with breath holds, while the infrared was hitting my chest and neck.
  6. Coffee, stove top Italian style, long, organic.
  7. Early morning I also boiled 1L of filtered water and mixed in a glass jar with about half a coffee spoon of quality sea-salt. It cooled off now and I will wash my sinuses out, by using a nose buddy. You know, this magic lamp looking tea-pot, what you can insert in your nose while tilting your head, so water can run through your “head”. A lot of yellow stuff came out. Gonna repeat this at the evening.
  8. I again will drink 5dl of vegetable stock and then go to work.

It sounds a lot, isn’t it ? I have the chance to work and live how I want and I don’t give more than 2 days to these sicknesses. I don’t care that I have to invest 10hours in a day to cure myself. Pulling these totally messed up periods for 2 to 3 weeks like the general public do is not for me. I prefer really to focus on myself, think, breathe meditate, fast and listen to some piano music, walk and breathe out on the sun, barefoot and just absorb the positivity. In 2 days I am always good and the 3rd day back to training fresh as a daisy. I am positive that tomorrow I am going for a run with 10 to 15minutes of medium intensity in it and a couple of accelerations and that Sunday I do a final shortened tune up session for next weekends race, before I enter a micro taper where I will raise the volume of specific intensity compared to the rest of the training, to arrive next Sunday in tip top shape with fast and powerful legs.

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