Influenza ? Been there, done that !

Not gonna explain here why and how and how much it costs. However, I just do always the same things when get the flu and be over it in like 2 days, then get rid of the residue in another 3days. Doctors says here that it takes around 2weeks to get rid of the actual influenza and another 2 to 4 weeks to clear out totally. No time for that s..t ! Need to live, train and work !

Every day for around 2 weeks I do these practices. No exception. Every single day

  • 2 times 15minutes of infrared lamp on chest and throat
  • 2 times 20 minutes of colloidal silver nebulising
  • 5 x Keep a spoon of colloidal silver under the tongue for 2min, than swallow
  • 4 x gargle / rinse the throat with warm salted water (1heaped tbsp in 1.5dl of water)
  • Drink 3 x 1dl of water with one drop of oil of oregano (disgusting but powerful)
  • 2 x 2dl of magnesium rich water (1tbsp of nigari or epsom salt)
  • 5 to 10 minutes of inhalation: 1 drop of rosemary / 1 drop of mint / 1 drop of lavande essential oil in a cup of very hot water. Deep abdominal breathing
  • 1 full 24h fasting at the beginning when flu peaks
  • 4 days of intermittent fasting till 2pm
  • Use a nose-buddy / neti pot to rinse my sinus 2 times a day every single day
  • I keep my body mobile with foam rolling, stretching and mobility

I of course stick to the basics too, like ginger infusion with cloves, star-anis and other spices. Vegetable juicing as meals, veg-soup and bone broth…

I am never sick or very rarely. If I get something because I am in contact with clients, kids and a lot of people, I am over it in a couple of days. Always for 2 decades now. Otherwise a 72h water fast will do wonders, if you can stay in bed on sometime on the sun.

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