Youtube Shoe Reviews advice

I quit youtube around a year ago as a major shoe reviewer. I had over 400 videos about shoes, gear and training, with millions of views. I had however some serious projects going on so I am not sure why, but I deleted my channel.
Well, since then, I check here and there some shoe reviews, but outside of Ginger Runner, basically there is no useful information. Tube-people still explain what is a TPU, meta-shank, drop, thermo-welded overlays and stuff. Runners who check these reviews, just do not care !
I mean I just checked out videos about the new Saucony Switchback Iso and found nothing. I mean really no useful stuff, at all. I went through rapidly over the first 25 videos by view and then the first 25 sorted by date. I heard no decision making info !

Here are a few crucial information what are the most important:

  • How does the shoe feel going through certain paces ?
  • How does the shoe feel going short, medium and long distances ?
  • How did the cushioning change after 100 / 200 km ?
  • How does the shoe behave on technical terrain ?
  • How is the grip holding up ?
  • How is the grip performing in all conditions ?
  • Cornering, downhills, uphills ? Hotspots ? Scrambling and rock climbing ?
  • Road running ? Walking ? With or without back pack ?
  • Break in time ?

  • How does the lacing system adapt to higher and lower insteps ?
  • Arch support ? bothering or not ?
  • Does it feel neutral ? Maybe too supportive ?
  • Size of the forefoot area ? Size of the toebox ? Curb of the toe box ?
  • Width and size of heel collar ? Heel counter ?
  • Overlays work or bother ?
  • Drop ? Does it feel like it is ?
  • Weight ? Evenly balanced or not ?
  • Sole height and stability ? Ankle twists ?
  • Insole ? Is it quality ?
  • Shoe sizing ? EU / UK / US ? Comparing to other brands ? What toe gap needed ?

Recommendations and personal experiences as a finishing touch. The thing is that unless somebody is a serious runner, these informations could come only after 3 to 4 months. However, you know, when you do 100K plus weeks, after about 15 days, you can tell a very clear difference between “it should be fine”, or “bin it” ! When tried and tested many models, you can confidently sometimes say, even after only 50km, that the shoe is ready to race out of the box.

Or the opposite, like we did with a friend. He was wearing the first Bushido and I was with the Peregrin. We destroyed the shoes in one single outing. No more outsole, no more mesh, everything unglued. All documented in video format, with a review in the mountains afterwards.

Video quality is important. VGA 640*480 is gone. However 720HD is largely sufficient. Loads of people will only listen to it. I mean as a podcast. Forget about standing video. If you wanted to create a brand and community, yes you can have an intro, otherwise just straight to the topic. Even 20sec will be annoying. Quality audio is very necessary. If you are indoors, it is easy. Outdoors, talk louder or use a mini-mike. Honestly, we are in 2019. With a Galaxy or an Iphone, you can make professional videos. No need for GoPro or any other devices. If you get lost, don’t worry, just correct and think, and keep on going. You’ll edit it out if it was really long, or leave it as it is. We are humans, you don’t sell anything, but giving info about something what we need. We appreciate that you put yourself out there. Just be prepared at least a little. Want to see some great info ! The difference is not made by a gimbal but by you talking about crucial information .

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