BLOG: Recovery Fuck up / Injuries / Aiii

I just got so mentally tired this week, that I did not really pay attention to details. This is what caused me many problems and chain reaction in my body. I take now a coupe of easy days to restart from zero and continue with the quite high quality season. I want to keep on improving so the rest after this block of 7months will be enlightening.

On Monday I went for a run, just the morning after my weekend disastrous race. I felt great, everything is fantastic. In the evening I worked with my bike and kept on spinning and recovering. When I had break around 7pm, I clipped out from the pedals, swinged my right leg over the saddle and I don’t know how, I very hardly banged my right shin full speed in to the edge of the bench. Just where the nerve is and that big vein goes through. 10seconds and I had a swelling and could not stand up from the tingling.
I could not touch it even lightly, the pain was so intense. Today it is Sunday and it is over due to the harsh massages, essential oils and all kind of treatments, but I had two days of a scare as it hurt really bad.

Well, on Wednesday morning I again was out on a jog. I wore a regular favorite Merrell shoe. It had a couple of thousand kilometers and the vibram outsole was all worn out, but as a zero drop very hard platformed shoe, I still really enjoyed strolling in them. It was evenly worn and despite the large toebox, very snuggly fitting. Great shoe for running fast.
Not so great on technical terrain. In the flex grooves actually I had only about 0.5mm of cushioning left. I was not training, but enjoying myself and still was in the warming up period. I wanted to jog for 45minutes, do some exercises and go for a mid length tempo run.
I banged my sole, just behind the 3 mid toes, where the padding is, 3-4 times in a row. Rocks poked through. I ran down, but when started getting on the steeper sections I was already forced to walk. Then even on the flats I was forced to walk.
I decided to cut it short, I ran home, took off my shoes and had pain while walking with a lump on my sole. That was swollen too.
Action one: took all my really worn out shoes and threw them to the red-cross bin. 3 pairs this moment. They had in many places under 1mm of protection.
Actions 2: ease the hell back. Massage, walk, cream, ice and more.

Then I had a couple of days cycling with clients. I did not see a road bump and the sudden move of the bike, the fatigue and all cumulated, just pulled on my arms I think. When arrived home, wanted to go for a push-up set. Did 20 and I had clavicular pain. Stopped and got pain from the right neck to the shoulders. Aii.

Damn. Freckin’ recovery week, isn’t it ? Better keep on pushing hard or stopping totally 😀

Today I slept in, drank my coffee and now will go on the foamroller, take a pair of cushioned shoes and go for a jog.

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