Recovery – important as F !

We talked about this subject in the past very often. However mostly it is approached from a day-to-day perspective and not as a long-term goal. Most people look for special tools and expensive magic practices. Doesn’t work this way !

The best recovery option is what you do right now, every day, in the last and next years to come. Static stretching is not bad. Think about it as a yoga pose hold. Do it before bed. Learn pilates moves that you can practice when waking up. In-grain calisthenics and run schooling drills to be able to warm up properly. Practice dynamic stretching like leg swings and plyometrics.

Just then start thinking about buying stuff what you might not even need. When everything is in place, a little massage ball might add to your routine. However ramping up the number of tools taking up space and dust is non-sense and just fuelling the consumer mind !

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