Saucony Type A8 – Racing flat

This is the shoe I’ve never dropped ! I mean, somehow I am always having a pair. The lightness and the foam density intrigues me. It has 4mm drop, what you can feel straight away, so it is not like a fake offset just to sell the shoe. It has a 17/13 mm slope what is a very correct padding for road racing. It feels just enough, just perfect.

I have been running with this model in the last couple of years and I can say that it never really got worst. Every year it has improved. Even the pointy nature of the toebox is slowly decreasing. The heelcounter get softer and softer.
It seems that there are real thoughts going into the shoe, not just inputs towards blind lightness and special tech.

There is one single negative what I can expose here. This is what I just said, the pointy toebox. It has a very acceptable wide midfoot. The forefoot is tapering for a while quite correctly. Then when arriving to the top, boom, it curbs in. The mesh compensates this a little, but still the shoe pushes the big toe inwards and gives a little squeeze to the other toes too. I mean of course, it is not that radical as it sounds if you have chosen the correct size, but in my opinion it should be way more natural. If you are used to running in shoes with more squared toe zone, you will notice this straight away. I am an Altra guy, I have only Altras, outside of this Type A and a Helios SR, so it is hard to delete the enjoyment of 10pair of shoes in the rotation with 100% satisfaction on every single run.

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