BLOG: Patience for growth

I have a new and in my opinion very realistic goal. It is not a surely realisable one. In 2019 the XC world championship in Denmark was open to the public. Probably due to lack of interest from certain countries. If your country was not sending the maximum numbers of runners and you had the sub 33min 10k road, XC or track standard, in a sanctioned event by your national athletic governing body , you could sign up and come.

It was in Aarhus in Legoland. In 2021, it is going to be in Bathurst, Australia. Well, I am Hungarian. Hungary sent zero athletes to Denmark, while most probably we have a couple of thousands of sub 33min strong 10km runners. Strong ! What means, that to get quality results this year, you did not have to be a 26:49 track athlete, because it was a brutal course. 75meters of elevation gain at each 2km loop. That is 375m of elevation gain total. A Trail runner with strong legs would have been easily top 80. With a bit more speed and specific preparation TOP70 or 60. Cheptegei a 26:49 10km runner won with 31:40. That is 4minutes 51seconds down from his PB.

At this moment I am slow and low in specific endurance. Specific I mean for a sub 33min 10km. But I think it is possible. I mean, sure it is. My PR is like 34:56 from 5years ago and recently I ran 36:04, controlled. I need to cut 3minutes and have good day. I have one and half year. Should be okay.

At this moment, my endurance what is missing. I can do workouts and always could, of running 200 / 400 / 800s at speeds and recoveries what correspond more likely to a 31min 10km runner. However when going over those distances and starting cutting recoveries, I am crap and unable to keep up, especially alone.
I set up a special training regiment for the next 18months to get into high mileage running and bring my times times down. Very gradually and slowly. 32:40 will be my goal what is 3:16/km pace.

Let’s do some work now.

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