BLOG / Vlog – what’s the story ?

Haven’t logged anything for a while. It takes too much time, though still have a lot of motivation to write. Not only to create articles on training, workotus, racing and writing shoe reviews, but to personal blog too. I think I will start journaling a little in the mornings maybe 3 – 4 times a week. Just to keep up with the happenings and to not to forget typing. Of course the youtubing is going well. I should put the links up on my blog too, but again, just to much effort. If you were interested just please subscribe on youtube and follow me overthere.

My project of getting into the world champs team for XC 2021 is still going on. Of course. Since March the Danish XC worlds. I have to be running a 10k under 33min. I think it is very doable. What I need is speed and strength endurance. I actually went out this morning for a second 400m workout in the last 4 weeks. I did some mixed speeds. The goal was 8 x 1:18/1:16 with  around 1min recoveries. There were a couple of youngsters out on the track, who were killing it. Youngsters I mean 14 year olds. They were running 6 x 400 @ 1:10 /R2:00. I joined in for one rep as it coincided together with mine. 200 @ 33 and 400 @ 1:10. I would need some workouts with faster guys, I think it would greatly benefit me. Maybe 2 or 3 times a month, in addition to my training.

At this moment I am also preparing for a long mountain outing in September. It is going to be 50k with D+5000m of elevation gain. Trail de Serre Chevalier. Hard and technical event. I don’t even have shoe for it yet. Will see how it goes. I am going to take is as a long run and not worry too much about my time and placing. Keep the heart rate low, ease up on the downhills and enjoy the scenery. Eat well, hydrate and smile. 3 days off afterwards and get back to speed training with no more long stuff till next April. I might run a marathon in November, but only for training purposes, as a long run. I think as my fitness shows I will be able to perform a sub 2:50 with very low heart rates and little damage.

My baby girl is also getting into shape. She can now turn on her stomach and on her back too. Eats 1.2dl of milk at one go and grows a long long hair already. She is 5 months old. I love passing time with her. Cannot wait to be able to bring her out to the mountains next year. We will pas entire days outdoors. It is going to be epicness !

Back to training mode. I am at this moment still doing the messenger work besides coaching and guiding. That means around 500 to 800 km a week on the bike. I think I will be able to run around 100 mile weeks next January, but I must be careful and increase it like 4 to 5 km a month. That is largely sufficient. I am at 135 to 140km. No problems here.

I am also not sure yet, how will I recover after this 40km race. Just the week after there is a 10km event where the first 10 is awarded with prize money. Couple of turns with long stretches. Not my kind of race. Too fast. I think it will be won around 29 something. I prefer when there is climbing, turns and twists. Will see in the St Tropez Classic in October. That is where I must shine !

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