BLOG : Baby-food

Haven’t blogged anything for a long time, but I have a clear couple of minutes here to log a selection of thoughts in my mind.

First of all, the family is alright and they are doing just fine. I am focusing on them. I am out of the social media jungle, what is great in case of time, however not that great in case of money. I got many clients in the past from interacting on youtube, facebook, blog and on sport forums. Especially holiday groups and foreign runners, cyclist coming over to the French Riviera or needing online coaching.

Shameless plug here: if you wanted to come and train on the Cote d’Azur in case of cycling, running and trail running with the counsellingĀ of a coach. This is especially a good idea for athletes living at tough climates. It can include guidance and planning, training talks and conferences. Nutritional catering for all needs, vegan, paleo, high fat, high carb, backloading type and so on…

Back to family. My girls if 6.5kg 67cm, growing and developing like a well nourished apple tree. We are feeding here a wide variety of foods now. Cooked and raw, steamed and baked. We use some home made, fortified cereal milks and nut milks. They are so easy to make and can replace some mother’s milk. That is not the goal, however now the demand starts getting higher than the breast’s possible milk production !
Cook porridge, eat 80% of it with fruits and veggies – I mean that is for us – then use the rest to make 1L of oat milk, with soaked flax seeds, a spoon of the highest quality coconut oil and either sugar or honey. We tried maple syrup, but she doesn’t like it. Why all this ? Mother’s milk is high in fat, high in sugar. Hyper palatable food. The best way to push babies towards a healthy growth. Great for babies, not so great for adults. Soon we will be weaning off from this, but until she demands mother’s milk, we will provide her some extra vegetable milk, made by us, freshly from 100% certified French organic sources !

We don’t really do store bought baby food. However, we tried a couple, just to see what kind of combinations she likes. I think she is more like a salty little person. She is interested in veggies and little sweet fruits. Both her mother and me are banana mads, not her !
While it is not necessarily bad to have all the stuff we can find in addition to food in the baby foods, I don’t want them in it ! Especially not all the time ! There are brands, what have certain habits. Like adding whey or milk to every single plate ! Including apple sauce ! Others have only gluten plates, including cous cous, pasta, barley pearls and so on. Another brand has rapeseed and sunflower oil in every single option. Interestingly my mother and grandmother were able to conserve any kind of cooked food, with no preservatives, acidity regulators, stabilisers and they were tasting fantastic even after 2 years without ‘natural flavours’ !
So we found a brand what has only the ingredients what is on the front label. A salted sweet potato, garden pea sauce with duck liver, has only s-potato, salt, garden peas, duck liver and the cooking water ! All their plates like this ! Nearly perfect !
Never gonna be like home made, but having options are better than nothing ! I still prefer of course a ripe avocado, what she already eats, but it is not always available and apple sauce all the time is not good either !

Training goes well. I am up to 140km a week.



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