BLOG: 3. OCT 2019 – Run like a madman

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 09.10.07.png

Training is going smoothly. It is not yet super consistent, but I am arriving to a point, when I am getting smart about niggles and pains and able to handle the mileage. I uploaded above a screenshot of the last 8 weeks, what shows quite great of an improvement. I started out with a little down week as the heat was very intense and I had tons of work on the bike. Then a light build week, followed by two very intense 140km week with 3 long runs and 4 hard high intensity sessions. Then I tweaked my soleus, what has stopped me running twice. I mean that I had to walk home limping. I handled this calf explosion very well with long massages, neuromuscular release and activation, clay patches, infra-red therapy, icing, silicium and confrey, arnica and so on. I mean that I had walk home one day limping and next morning I was out on a run again ! Then I went to do a race in the Alps what I had signed up for with a friend long time ago. I enjoyed a lot the environment and ran with caution to not to blow up. I did not take anything inflammatory like coke and biscuits, no sandwiches cheese or anything during the race. Only Tailwind and fruits. My recovery was around 10 days, due to the 4000m of elevation loss, what just destroyed my calves, quads and ars too.

So the 10days of recovery did not go very well. I was feeling very good, despite the muscular aches. I should have kept the intensity very low. I mean it was very low, but even lower. I blew out my left and right calf again. I had spent another two days repairing my body and when I say blew out, I mean it again on a way, that I limped home for 7km walking 1h , pfff. Stupid. Again, muscular activation, infrared lamps and so on, all day long.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 09.29.34.png

Finally, exactly as the polar training website showed me, I recovered and all pain went away. Built up another fantastic week and I am back to training full on. I did some final 4 high intensity session with 2 long runs and now I will enter a strategic 4 to 8 week very aerobic period, before restart speed training in December and January, when entering the road racing and XC season.

Back to running now. Lil outing this morning, just jogging around, then track technique in the evening.

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