The new era of Doping

Peptides, synthetic oxygen carriers, intravenous l-carnitine and so much more what we don’t know about. The very simple EPO, Sustanon, IGF-1, HGH, Nandrolone era is over and only noobs use it in case of controlled sport. They are very clean, super easy to get, even without initial contacts, just by using a non google algorithm based search engine, but in case of control, you would glow straight away.

Recently what we can hear is that things became upside down. There are some stuff, what is used up by your body, with no byproducts showing up in urine and blood for long periods after effort. Athletes train and strain like usual, and use stuff only on rare occasions and competition. Together with shoes, clothing, breathing apparatuses, creams and lotions, this becomes a whole different idea about what is doping actually.

There are supplements that we cannot use in large enough quantities orally to give significant boost in case of performance. Would it be legal to do it intravenously ? Slow drip or Push IV ? There are stuff like bicarbonate of soda or magnesium what have lactate buffering and relaxing effect on the body. They can be effectively absorbed by the lungs too, during a race, by using a gas boosted vaporising inhaler, with no showing up in blood or urine just after a couple of hours. Effects and absorptions is nearly as fast as the IV, but definitely way faster than oral methods. What if concentrated oxygen could be made into small bottles and administered using small inhalers ? Oxygen is a drug ! Would it be legal, despite that no control would be able to detect it, if a jolt of O2 was used during a serious tdf climb just to gain a couple of seconds of advantage ?

I mean the doping policy of all sport federations should be getting out a deep and serious clarification on all products and quantities and methods as now there shoes, socks and clothing too, in addition to drugs and methods.

You can for instance, ingest bicarbonate of soda, inhale bicarbonate of soda with a nebuliser and use the AMP-human on your legs to absorb even more. I mean the lactic acid buffering capacity of this substance is tripled up ! It freakin’ works ! I mean, that it really is amazing, but is it natural ? How healthy is it in reality ? Too much from the good ?



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