January 2020 – BLOG

Maybe new year new you, but the same me. I never have been into new year’s resolutions, but to be responding to anything with an immediate 180° at any moment. When people say, it is never late to do something, but they wait till the 1st of January, they might be actually 8 months late. That is a lot. I am changing my life, my training, my attitude to work and mental fortitude constantly. This is a sporty blog, but I still feel like, that we cannot isolate running from life. Both has to be uplifting and pleasurable to be functioning flawlessly.

My baby girls is 12 months old and giving me the most happiest moments of my life ever. As I said we cannot separate sport from life, but I am a sport, adventure and movement fanatic and it’s been like this and will be like this forever. So she actually sees me doing all the stuff already. Preparing to go to run, doing strength and conditioning, yoga, pilates, breathing training. When she imitates my actions and try to mimic movement patterns, that is just epic joyful. Recently she always grabs my 16kg kettlebells and do the swing with it. Near perfect biomechanics. Of course, the bell stays on the ground, but she does the squats with feet parallel and knees pointing out and does a big grumpy-face exhale when comes upwards. Very funny ! Looks so nice and already dynamic.

GPS – Totally spies

Strava brought me 129hours of training this January. I somewhat appreciate this, but on the other hand it is not by choice. Strava only calculates moving time into training, so static rest periods during interval training is not in this total time. However nor are stop lights and big breaks during cycling. Only pure moving time !
Secondly, I got rid of my Polar Vantage watch. I am not willing to put my trust into data what is being falsified already by the watch itself, by Flow-Strava transfer and then by Strava itself. I analysed like a 1000 race .gpx files on strava from all kind of watches. Mines were the worst off between all, by using GPS-Glonass and GPS-Galileo too. Thanks for the big ‘A’ for taking it back !
Runners using the old 735XT and the FR935 are the most precise, while the 235 is a bit less accurate, still super consistent. In case of the new watches, the F6X Pro is looking like quite quality, but the F6s and F6 normal has still very questionable results. The FR245 FR645 and FR945 are all very all over the place, with some good, some bad results and that is not okay ! How come one type of watch can bring certainty and a new generating cannot ? Ez ! Chipset ! GNSS chipset ! Firmware, software, algorithme, casing and antenna design. The new Sony chipset is just a disaster in case of efficacy, but all companies started using it, as the little power consumption can make place for better screens, more options and more constantly turned on functionalities. However with sacrificed precision !

So at this moment I am on the fence. I am not sure which watch to get. The F6x Pro is appealing and would greatly support my up and coming adventurous summer. However the 101g weight is just too much. It is annoying. It is a freckin’ brick ! the FR945 is 51g, feather light with mapping and stuff.
I heard rumors that the FR955 and FR745 will be coming out with a possible FR655. So I am waiting with running with my Timex. Hopefully there will be no more Sony chipsets and the new dual band Broadcom processors will be implemented.


It is all fine. Times are coming down. Form is getting stronger and better. The kneedrive is also improving at all speeds. I am feeling the power coming on.
My times for certain distances are improving seconds by seconds. I also had a January 10k PR, but that was a fluke as I am in much much better shape. I think despite that it was a 5sec PR, I could have ran like a minute faster. 34:53.
My best 1km is down to 3:06. My best 400m is down to 1:04 and 500m is down to 1:22. These are not fast fast times and I can run faster, that is not the point. These times are end of workout time trials on completely fatigued bodies, while still being in perfect form and relaxed. As an example, we had a workout of 1000 R1:30 2000 R2:00 1000 R1:30 1000 R1:30 400 R1:15 200 R45s 200. My last 200 was 29.9 what is not a one off sprint, but a great time on those very tired legs in headwind.

I also made a video about progressive overload in case of kettlebell swings for running. I constantly train now for over 2 months with kettlebells. I have been doing that for over a decade though, but not with a goal of gradual and constant progression. Now I count and log and register everything and look for charge improvements in my swing routine ! I play around a lot with the distribution of volume in sets, the reps, the sets, the rest intervals, but the total volume is increasing very gradually. I do all exercises, but the focus is simply on the Russian Kettlebell Swing. That is the only exercise I do for improvement. It is minimalist. It is working and it makes me a better runner. The KB swing translates brutally well to an efficient knee-drive. Power transfer. It trains the entire body. I do one arm swings and snatches and clean and jerks and get-ups, but those are only for complementing the swing. The SWING is the most powerful run-abling movement ever with tons of safety, time-efficiency and a lot of unique features built-in.
I started out with (6 x 3 @ 8kg /R60s). Now I am up to (Total 55 @ 16kg). That can be (13 x 5 @ 16kg on 30s) or (25 + 15 + 15 @ 16kg R5’deep’breaths)  or (18 x 3 @ 16kg on 12s while never putting the KB down). All kind of volume distributions. Even 1 x 45 + 1 x 10. Everything. Recoveries with pushups or skipping roping, push presses or others.


No changes here. Fruits and veggies, rice and sweet potatoes. Little or no meat, maybe an egg here and there, little or no oil. Focus is on fruits and veggies ! No issues.
I am also now honestly honouring the creatine. I take my 2-3g a day with maybe more on hard days. That is a game changer and runners and athletes still not understand the health, mental and overall well being benefits of creatine ! Vegans, vegetarians and no-meat athletes should also understand that it is a must !!! Cheap, pure and functioning. Creapure® is what you are looking for ! Check labdoor always for quality, purity and label accuracy:


Rondes des Fontaines in OPIO – 2nd place. Felt strong and confident all the time for this 10k mixed surface race with D+300m of gain, in spite of the 3 days of hard cycling of over 6h each of those days. Having particularly a hard work day just the day before with loads of heavy cargo work shot my legs a deep. 


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