The cure for COVID-19

Health ! That is the only cure. However there are natural remedies what you can use to actually give an extra boost to your immune system. But, as this whole coronavirus outbreak thing “smells a lot”, the authorities attack everything out there what says it can help against the virus. I mean, don’t even try anything outside of sitting in your home. There is no point ! (Ironic!)

Do not listen to the naysayers ! As an athlete I use and used all kind of fringe techniques to strengthen the body, to avoid injuries, the get over injuries, to sleep better, to recover faster, to get better adaptations and so on.
This is and this should be the case for my and your health too !

Now, it is the time as this might be your last chance to do something, before the outbreak becomes even more wide-spread. I mean wide-spread, by reality or by the media ! Either ways, if you practiced these fringe techniques, regardless that you would get the virus or not, regardless that you would be healthier or not, you would definitely would feel better ! Why not to do it ? I mean why ?
It is like the researches on massage and stretching. They do not help an athlete in anything in reality. However millions do it daily, cause it makes you feel fantastic.

I give you a list of stuff you can do here to feel immediately better. Some are cheap, some are pricey, do what you want and can:

  • Breathing. Read the Ice Man, learn the Wim Hof technique and practice it 2-3 times a day. It is scientifically proven to work !
  • Nebulising colloidal silver, bicarb and magnesium. It feels fantastic for your lungs and breathing.
  • Use, low dose, high frequency homeopathic under the tongue arnica montana to reduce overall body inflammation.
  • Brisk regular cold showers are a good idea, if you were healthy. Do not start out with 5min in ice cold water. Get your body used to it. Start with a couple of secs in luke warm and slowly decrease the temperature day by day and increase the time spent under. This will greatly increase your well being.
  • Herbal remedies like Dragsimun, Vironal and Citosan from are super powerful solutions !
  • You can now abuse a bit more Ginger, Curcuma and spices like cloves, star anise, rosemary seeds, cumin, anise, fenugreek, paudearco. Boil them for 5 min with your coffee and blend the filtered liquid in a fatty solution.
  • Vegetable juicing is the now ! The have a good taste use this very basic recipe:
    • One apple
    • One lemon
    • Celery, chards, beetroot, carrots, ginger ( make it disgusting with garlic if wanted)
  • Time to really drink your water ! 2.5+ for women and 3L+ for men ! Water !
  • A diet lower in blood sugar spiking foods ! Doesn’t mean high fat or low carb. This means, to avoid juices, white sugar, cakes, white flour and crap eating. This is just plain good old sense of judgement. I personally feel way better when eating even white rice, than when eat pasta. I feel better from a smoothie, than from an orange juice. I feel better from tea with maple syrup, than with white sugar. I feel better eating dates, than low fat cookies and so on.
  • If you had enough daily calories, an ultralight morning fast can be a good idea. Meal planning like 10 am, 14pm, 18pm will let you have a 16h non eating window. Rest, repair, recover, reinforce !
  • Sleep early, off the phone, off the wifi, off the TV, off the crap, focus on the family !
  • Use the sauna, use the infrared lamp targeting your upper chest and head.
  • Transdermal magnesium. You can use home made sprays from magnesium-chloride, btu also take magnesium sulfate or epsom salt baths. Add seasalt too.
  • Expensive stuff like sea-buck-thorn, grenade and goiji-berry juice can help too. Spirulina, chlorella, klamath algue. Mushrooms and marijuana slash CBD can help too, to feel better.

Do what you can, but do it. Sitting on the ars and waiting to get infected, then doing nothing is just plain non-sense. We are humans, thinkers and tinkerers, fighters. We try and we do !

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