Back in Action like in the old days

I reflected a lot in the last couple of days as life is getting more and more busier. Having 3 phones, a full speed fiber internet connection, 4 bikes, a motorbike and a car, 5 different size and function back-packs, sport equipment for coaching and multiple app subscriptions for video analytics, navigation, logistics and delivery services and all of this for works sake ? These all are becoming just a giant wave collapsing on me.

The only two things I am interested in, in this freckin’ life is my family and secondly, total-ultimately, but simply => personal satisfaction, what is given to me only and exclusively by practicing outdoor activities. What I am going to do from now on in the next couple of months is decreasing and cutting back on everything what I just accumulated and will not need in the future. That will include clientele, all subscriptions, extra obligatory assurances, travel costs, fuel and will stop chasing the money. I will also stop being front of the computer and stop planning and organising work events and cut back totally phone time. I will just lay back and calculate the amount of money I would need to live a simple life and will not make a one more cent. My initial calculations show 2 hours of sleep a day more and 5 hours of more free time every single day. I will dedicate this time to training and racing and enjoying the mountain scenery till the end of my life with my family.

This weekend we discovered two really nice parcours not so far from home, what we never really thought about. I know the Cote d’Azur in general, way more than people living here for 60 years, from Marseille to Menton, but still there are millions of places to discover.

I superbly enjoyed these two days and I will keep on doing them 4 times a week with the family till the end of my life ! Decision made !

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