Altra Lone Peak 4.0

Yes, the 4.5 is out and yes it’s been a long time that the 4.0 is available. I needed to test profoundly these shoes, before I could sit down and write a shortish, but full review. I actually ran over 1500km in three pairs of these Altra LPs. Yes this means, that I am extremely satisfied with these ultra-speedsters.

To follow the final word of the 1st paragraph, in my opinion these shoes are best suited either for very short and very technical or for longer than 3h technical events. Or training in general of course !
To explain. There is no one shoe that can do all. Period. Non ! For scrambling and risky alpine style running the King MT is epic. For fast running on non technical terrain the Superiors are exceptionnel up to 45km. For fast running on non-technical but painfully rocky terrain and for even longer than 45km there is the TIMP 2.0.

The LP 4.0 is great for 5 to 10km all out running on rough technical mostly rocky courses with loads of elevation loss and gain or for trail marathons and over, when hiking and heavy obligatory equipment is included. For instance to be doing the UTMB, it would be suitable to start the first section with the TIMP as it runs a lot till Courmayeur , then finish off with the LP 4.0 and arrive to Cham. The TIMPs weight is concentrated on the lower section of the shoe for an extra thick foam giving you 283 grams . The LP is 10g heavier but a lot of that is on the upper and there is a sturdy rock-palte too. It is not a lightweight shoe, but the snug and close fit makes you forget this. I also added the Superior’s plastic insole. It is not necessary, but I am a heavier runner of 80kg, so that extra layer of security between me and sharp rocks is welcome ! Double rock-guard for me !

It has a lot of structural overlays not only for protection, but for a great hug too. Unlike previous LPs where in my case, ankle twisting was an issue, it has totally disappeared. The ankle collar, the heel counter (no real heel counter present), the lacing system are just working in harmony as they should be. No issues whatsoever.

The cushioning is a classic A-Bound + EVA. This has already performed fine previously. Nothing fancy, just what you’d expect for a hard-core shoe. I run most of my outings in the Escalante Racers, Kayenta and Vanish XC so the LP foam feels cloud-like to me. If you were coming from a Saucony, Salomon or maybe Hoka background, this shoe at first might seem harsh !
Apparently it is a 21mm cush. It is not a lot, but looks very correct to me. Even after a lot of outings.
The grip is a lot softer and stickier than before. I can already see premature wear on it, but it still will be performing very well for 600 – 800km. I would not take these out on wet races over 500km, but this is normal for sticky rubber compounds to get beaten up faster than usual.

The offset is zero-mm, like in all Altra shoes. No variation in-between forefoot and heel height. It needs some adaptation to it for sure, especially if you were coming from one of those high heeled Japanese brands. A couple of weeks of functional flexibility, mobility and strengthening of the lower leg and posterior chain will do the job. Of course the best is to change your compromising lifestyle wear to Altras too. Maybe some thinner and lighter models. I love wearing my worn out Altras. They are super flexible and also very light.

Overall, this is the best LP out there included the 4.5 too. The 4.0 surpasses all and at this moment, despite I adore the Superiors, the Lone Peak 4.0s are my go to shoes. The lacing, the upper, the sizing, the grip, the hug, just function on the way I need it on the terrain I am running at. Just perfect. I am looking around all the time to get good deals on it and stock up on these.

If you had any questions, mentions, comments or criticism, post just below, on youtube or drop me a message.


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