Kilian Jornet vs. Jacob Ingebrigtsen

Click to visit the race’s website.

This match-up has been steering up the pot of the internet’s running fanatics for over a month. The message board’s discussion threads are going in all directions. Athletes and coaches throwing splits and race results, training data and much more.

Kilian did a training session where he completed a fast Vertical K, then he ran a 10km road tempo sub 30min. Ingebrigtsen in the meantime was competing against the best in the world in 800 and 1500m. He also ran a 5k with I think a Norwegian Record, but either ways he always breaks some record.

So the thing is, that you cannot match up or compare the two. They are coming in from entirely different disciplines. However, the miles closer to the flat 10k would be Jacob’s racing and training.
Talking about a race – “REALLY” ? It would be putting Michael Phelps into a 10mile choppy ocean swim and to say he’s gonna win, because it was in the water. Or expecting Froom to win Cape Epic against Nino Shurter. No ! Not gonna happen. Not even close.

In addition Kilian is injured, kind of, with light lingering tibial pain. He is smart and resting up for a big PR possibility, what would be sub 29:30. Jacob has already ran a 27:54 a year ago and has the fitness for a 13:02 5000m ! I mean he is going to run for sure sub 28. Unless conditions were horrendous or something unexpected pop up. If both athletes will be competing to their maximum ability on the day, I expect around 1min to 90sec difference in between them.

29:15 for Big K
27:45 for Young J

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