The conspiration mindfuck of Covid Vaccine

What mad times we are living at. It is just unbelievable how gouvernements are consciously, sub and unconsciously manipulating the public. It is like forcing free will on the population what is a an oxymoron like “military intelligence”. Forcing free will meaning, making you believe ! Making you believe not necessarily in something true or untrue or something good or wrong. That is like dictature. No. Making you believe that the choices you make, are yours ! That is worst. That is like brainwash.

Vaccination we are talking about. In reality, not only for Covid-19, but for all unnecessary vaccines. I am not against vaccines at all. In certain regions, there might be a high presence of certain illnesses what might impact a high number of pax. However even in this case, the choice should be down to the individual.
The answer to this of most people, well if you were a non-malade carriere, you can still spread the virus and others might or will develop symptoms.
Well, why is the health of each individual, why and when individual health became the concern of the big population ? Like when did a healthy, a health conscious caring person, shout on the sick, obese, smoking and medicated, to stop buying crap in the super markets, stop eating in fast food chains, stop buying alcohol and cigarette, stop watching 15hours of screen a day, stop taking his car for a 5min drive, stop pollution and so ?

Why is my problem, that others do not trust and do not have control over their own health ? Why can I stand up for my actions and take responsibility ? Right from early morning, when waking up ! I am responsible for my actions ! I take responsibility for my work, for my caused car accidents, even for the actions of my under 18 child and I am responsible for my health. I am not responsible for your health ! That is your choice. However I still want to have my freedom of choice, freedom of movement and living flawlessly and living liberally.

Now, you answer, yeah, I have the right to smoke and drink too. Yeah, just my choices will not impact yours, but yours will impact mine. When you get sick, you go to the doctor and that will impact my taxes too. Now, if you got the covid as an unhealthy, obese, diabetic, you actually will take my money for hospital care as your health alone cannot support your healing.
I go to the doctor for the obligatory medical visit every three years in order to get my sport competition allowance.
Exactly. So in reality, people who trust their own health, who make correct choices in life are impacted by those who do not do the same ! When I don’t put up the mask and won’t vaccinate myself, it is not you who is impacted and it is not my civil responsibility to do either ! It is me who is impacted, by you and the gouvernement telling me all the time to do against my will !
I accept and 100% approve the vaccines. Do it ! It is your choice ! Do not force it on me though !

Another thing is this boxing in of pro and contre vaccin ! I don’t want to vaccinate and won’t, period. Most people, do not see the word period !

- Do you like olives ? 
- No. 
- Do you eat olives ? 
- No! 
- Okay so I don't put them on your pizza ! 

Conversation is over. 

Do you vaccinate ? No ! Why don’……. ? No, no, just no ! The conversation is over. For me, for many health conscious people, this whole vaccination thing is no big deal. We don’t care. We heard in the news once and out on the left ear. Normally if we turned the TV off, we should not hear about it anymore. However there are people glued to the news, friends and family members too and they keep pushing it. They don’t get it, that we trust our health and have other more interesting things in our life. Old news ! Out and over ! I run every day, I play with my daughter every day, I like to ride my bike and my motorbike, do strength and conditioning and keep my body and mind perfectly steeled to have no bounds !
Did I vaccinate my daughter ? Yeah I did, we finished all obligatory vaccines. Did I read and see documentaries of these vaccins ? I did, because in certain parts of France, there is still polio occurrences for instance and TBC (Vaccine BCG) can still happen, especially from raw milk products, if consumed in abundance. We move a lot around. A lot ! I am in contact with 100s of people every single day, coming from who knows where. A baby who has not yet developed his immune system needs protection and vaccines can give that. Of course, if I lived in a pristine environment, in a close constant population of 150 personnes, in nature, living the “life of Riley” , I would not really need those vaccines. That is another story though.

At this moment, vaccination is not obligatory. In the news, we constantly hear, that it will not be obliged ! However, not by rumor, but in the main news we already observe suggestions of a numerique vaccination passport. Like this, certain services can make the decision of not to accept non-vaccinated population. We talk about markets, cultural places or even gouvernemental organisations. I don’t care if I cannot go to the cinema, or can handle my paperwork only online, but I care if for instance my favorite organic shop, selling local goodies, will say, no vaccin, no food. Or if airline travel will be prohibited. I don’t care If I cannot fly to Asia or Africa. I however still would appreciate to visit family in Hungary and Guadeloupe in just the matter of hours with no restrictions.

This is a vast and enormous discussion…

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