Is Covid 19 really serious ?

No it is not. It is a freckin’ joke ! No question about it !

What is health. No, it is not the absence of illness. I cannot really say it, but here you go, a brief description what covers a section of health.

Health contains physical, emotional and mental health. Diet is important; eating live, raw, fresh, organic, in-season, hand-picked, sun-riped, local fruits and vegetables. Little meat, fish and eggs. At least 51% uncooked plants ! Hydration is important, drinking to thirst, the highest quality water possible. Sleep is extremely important ! Sleeping when tired, in a dark, noiseless and chilly room, with absolutely no electronics close by, no radiation and so. Waking up naturally with the sun, with no alarm. Emotional poise, meaning caring daily of and being taken care by loved ones. Close community and living “together” with a small number of people. Friendships. The complete chart of relations support the complete chart of emotions. Touching the earth barefoot and immersing in natural waters. Breathing fresh air. Exposing the body and eyes to natural sunshine. Regular vigorous physical activity. Some aerobic, some muscular. Lift and jog. Learning, studying, acquiring, discovering self improving and developing.
A chemical free, radiation free, air pollution free, noise and artificial light free life environment. No-stress work environment or no work !

So where did government actions touch any of these areas in order to get the collective antiviral resistance elevated ? 
Where can you find anything in any books, texts or school classes about the above mentioned subjects in the matter of HEALTHCARE ? 

Microwave ovens, PS4 are still sold, sex shops are still open, you can buy coke, biscuits and sweets and chips and oils and transformed foods. You can still do betting ! You can still buy alcohol in big quantities, buy cigarette and football is still going on in the TV, but horse races and dog races too. Players are getting millions of € of salary and still spending on the most expensive cars and clothes and luxury stuff. Fast food chains are still open, new car production did not stop, the “cheap plastic” is still coming in from china in cargo ships, burning the fuel of millions of cars in one single go ! The TV and internet is still on after 22 o’clock, while nobody should be in front of any screen, but in bed ! If covid 19 is that serious, why everybody is worried about getting the latest Ihpone with a full spotify pre-payment ? There is no money to get the vaccination of weak people going on, there is no money for more hospital beds and free hospital care, but the 5G coming in the Paris and Nice is the biggest news ever. Are we really really in trouble ? I don’t think so !

There was not one single government action taken in order to educate people. The confinement is the only thing they did. Nobody stands up to cut the bullshit. Nobody. Why does this perky little virus kill people ? It is just slightly stronger than seasonal grip. That is a freakin’ joke too.

In reality the decision of Great Britain to become a Swiss island, kind of, I mean the freedom of choice and the possibility what comes with that, is just what every country would need. This is in order to save the economy ! Everybody should be focusing on their own problems and trade and buy only the necessary. 

Are we really in an economic survival mode ?

What are the 4 cornerstones of survival ? 
Shelter, fire, water food. 
Depending on the environment and the situation the list can be reordered. 

What is the most important in our society ? Housing ! I mean this is the first thing what happen to you, when you got home as a newborn. This is going to be your first big investment in life and to live, you need a home. Every local, in-country industry should be focusing on improving housing. That is very complex, from mines, to road quality, to the quality of transportation of goods. Reparation, maintenance, security, hygiene, protection, cooling and heating and much much more. Everything locally outsourced, nothing imported, nor exported, till our own work is going on and unfinished.
We should focus our efforts on creating environmentally friendly houses, built on a way that they last, easy to maintenance, fantastic to live in, resist and work with the environment. Smart housing and photovoltaic panels, creating and saving electricity is not important. Focusing on life, presence and family, being in harmony with nature, leaving no waste behind is important. In reality outside of a couple of hours of light in the evening, our electricity need is just atrocious and stupid. This is a giant subject, from work, travel, commuting and so, but our way of human existence is just twisted and weird !

Water ? You can have Covid19 or the latest Bugatti, no matter what, in 4 days you die without water. Everything in our hands should be focusing on preserving natural water sources. Water is good in any case, but fresh flowing stream and natural spring water is best, maybe artesian water is second best. Desalinated, purified and remineralised sea water will come in the future, but it is not as good. In France we have tons of good water, including spring and artesian water. Why on earth do we still import foreign water and we export our own water to other countries. Italy is good without our Evian and we are good without their San Pellegrino ! I mean how stupid is that to trade simple water back and forth. If an Alien observed this behaviour, he would be just laughing.
Plastic is filling our oceans. Everything plastic. Shampoo bottles, biscuit wraps, protecting polifoam, torn raincoats and used wellington boots, car dashboards and much more. We always talk about water and fizzy drink bottles, because that is what floating and visible, but in reality, what is also in the depths and not exclusively on the top what is important and what is accumulating on land too.
Our plastic should be focusing exclusively on protecting water ! This precious liquid ! Plastic is non-degradable, protecting and takes up no place. No food should be wrapped in plastic, only water. Water is life ! That is the last and final plastic to eliminate ! We polluted our earth that much, that drinking natural fresh flowing water is not possible anymore !

Fire ! Once a big real crisis will set in, fire will get it’s place back. Disinfecting, heating, cooking, preparing, melting and much more. Our relation with fire has changed and we do not see fire anymore, despite that it is still present. In France, this year the first time in like 40 years, we turned on the charcoal plants to create electricity in September. That is by burning with fire to create heat to create electricity ! People are using their phones and cars and smarthouses just to burn totally unnecessary energy. They will understand the confort and the benefits of electricity when they have to choose between smartphone and washing machine use, eating hot or cold soup and so. Natural gas is still in abundance and pollute very little when outsourced and used properly. Heating up a house when really needed with wood is no big deal. Yeah, when you are unhealthy, sick, lazy, you start burning your stove mid september. When you are a living, working, smart and excelling human, you might use heating for 2 to 3 hours in the evening. It is a light source, it is a source of heat, you can cook on top ! 3 in one ! 2 to 3 hours for a family of 6 ! From collected dead wood ! Then you can use the ash to fertilize your terrain, filter water, create natural soap, paint black, disinfect and more…
Real fire is great, epic and life supporting !

Food is still, not like something we worried about enough and we do not use space up properly, we do not employ people properly and the whole system needs to be re-thought. As a little example. Likopen is extremely important for human health and the health of a man. Prostate ! We need to eat tomato everyday to sustain correct protection levels. However if you ate like 1 quarter of tomato or a little cherry tomato every day, that is sufficient. So when people buying kilograms of tomatoes and focusing on growing tomatoes in large scale, that is wasting time, land, energy, as humans do not need litres of tomato sauce, bottles of ketchup and so to live healthfully. However we need living energy. No dried up, ground, owen-baked and killed cereals. Living energy with one single process of cooking or steaming max. That is starches like potatoes, carrots, yams, manioca, bananas and most importantly FRUITS. People should be educated on growing microgreens at their home and on rooftops. Of course, less pollution is needed for that. Meat, fish and eggs are very important for complete human health. Eating a quality source once of twice a month is sustainable and largely enough. What else you need ? Yeah learning to store, to process, to cook, to grow, to protect and understand food and health. To understand the connection between food and health, food and family, food and community. You need that.
Fruits, veggies, meat, fish and eggs, fresh water. Look at the isles covering these in a supermarket. Not even 10% of total surface. In order to sell the transformed food, the previously talked packaging, space, time invested, work invested just create confusion and pollution.
It is a lot more complex than that, but you get it right ?

So what about focusing on the 4 cornerstones ?

Nothing ? Where are the actions ? Where is everything about protecting our lives and making us more healthy, more ready and more advanced ? Where is what making us think more ? Where will our children live ? Where is the suffering ? Where are the problems ? When will we grow up ? When will everything get out of control ?

There are also these new chain of viruses emerging. They are suspected deadlier.
Obesity, sickness, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are extremely high in-between in South Africa’s riches. The virus will weaken them. Hygiene, healthcare, state of living in-between the black African communities are very low. The virus is a serious risk to them.
The English weather and the lifestyle of very high percent of the UK’s habitants looking like not the best option to support health. Definitely not to support immunity. Constant high humidity in enclosed spaces and to combat this a high use of climatisation. Low levels of sunshine. Loads of import foods and high levels of local chemically infused foods. High fast food consumption, elevated alcohol consumption. In SA too, low quality alcohol and vine is way to well sold and over consumed.

The complete picture is way bigger than that, when talking about health, economy and the back and forth effects of both. Do you understand this ? Way more complex. So the three actions of lock-down, curfew and vaccination are the answers to an extremely multifaceted system ? It is like passing a 40 question driving exam and your only answer was YES. I mean, that there were 40 questions and not one single one was to be answered by YES. This is where we are !

In the meantime, a lot of social media faces suggest revolution, stand up, fight, work against the system, they talk about lies and hiding, and business and money.
No, no, no. Focus on yourself, think for yourself and the family. Think straight and think right. Be very very honest. Yeah that needs some initial brain.
When you had a gel installing, nail polishing, make up selling, pedicure manicure shop, you should ask what the hell I am doing ? This is not necessary and was never necessary to live ! Who the hell needs to be masqueraded and have a grip like a T-Rex. Totally unnecessary money, space and material and most importantly time waste ! There are these people who spend 50 bucks a day every single morning to pay someone for their makeup. Yep 1500€ a month. We are living in a crazy world. Is really the COVID the problem, or we are just plain stupid ?

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