Why are tall people prone to back injuries ?

The answer is very simple. Environment and lifestyle. These two factors determine how your back is behaving nothing else. Look at the animal kingdom. Any species. None of them have chronic illnesses like us, as they do not have limitations on anything.


The average height of humans is like 165cm or something like that. For designers, architects, engineers the range of normal humans is from 150 to 185cm. Anything else is ignored.
Ceiling height, door frame heights, elevator inner heights, car seat ergonomics, office desk and office chair ergonomics, sleeping mat and bed lengths, furniture ergonomics, kitchen and culinary ergonomics and everything is set up for smaller people.
Tall guys must get into compromised positions in every minute of their lives from childhood and this will totally destroy their core musculature and core neuro-musculaire connections, their spine protective mechanisms and so on. Once injury is in place, the chain will keep on growing !!!
As an example, sitting is an already compromised position. However with good chair and desk ergonomics and some self control we can get into a quite okay position to hold onto for short periods. Except when your neck is in-between your knees, cause the seat is too low, you cannot comfortably tilt that pelvis forward, you will curve your spine, you further shorten that anterior chain, training your body to be bent forward making frontal muscles shortened and even compromising diaphragmatic activities and we know where hindered breathing can lead.
Nothing to do actually with the height of the individual. If the system was set up using a 150cm base, the 165 to 175cm tall lads would have the exact same issues.


Then there is lifestyle. Not understanding the previously discussed and let it go.
The worst case scenario is when you combine bad posture, bad movement mechanics, chronic dehydration and undernourishment, work and emotional stress, environmental stress like air conditioning and chemical exposure and so on. This sounds like a rare combination, but in reality it affects like 90% of tall people. It is just not realized yet. For instance, I am not sure why, but I know a lot and an awful lot of very tall guys with zero knowledge on sport and with total zero sport history working in the IT sector. I am telling you that computer science as a work and lifestyle is not something what will bring your health forward.

We can still counter-act to the environment, by using core training, by using mobility and strength and conditioning, by using breathing and postural routines.
We can still eat and drink well and we can and should still use massage with oils, creams and topical herbal concoctions to nourish our back. Good footwear and foot-mechanics are also both extremely important as posture starts on the ground.

The how to is also very easy. Ask yourself: How often do I get compromised ? The answer is simple, multiple times every single hour. This means that it is not the 30 minutes of morning yoga and the 10 minutes of evening stretching that will bring you relief. You as a tall lad, need a reminder as often as twice every hour, on how to be ! How to move ! How to lean, beand, squat, crawl, jump, throw, push, pull, breathne, contract, release, look, reach and so on.
Answer two: set up your environment and lifestyle on a way that you forget about your height. Not gonna happen for most ! This could mean that your home would be setup on a way that it can serve you. Your work would not be sitting at all and you would be moving around and would be working all day long outdoors.

More to come …

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