Posture, core training, biomechanics- which frequency ?

You’ll find more information on my journey of healing my back and reinforcing my body and core, in my soon ready e-book, what will be available on amazon before the 17th of December.
In this article, I will share some fractionated but still very useful ideas that you can utilize in order to advance towards better and more reliable posture.

Core-strength, -stability, -flexibility, posture and biomechanics, normally in case of a perfect human is not something that you train. This is something that you have. However, from the moment you got bad shoes on, from the time you are seated multiple times a day in an incorrect position you are compromised. Every time you are forced to do something unnatural repeatedly, you are compromised. For instance working as a maintenance guy who is 190cm tall in the basement of a hotel where the ceiling is at 180 cm. Or driving a utility vehicle where you cannot adjust seat aft and fore. Maybe cleaning, gardening or servicing with tools that are inappropriate in length, size and weight. Not only badly adjusted shoes, but too tight, too short or too long clothing, including socks, underpants, shirts and trousers or badly placed jewelry can alter posture and readiness.

As life advances, instead of getting healthier, stronger and more resilient, you become weaker and weaker. Often injuries happen. We go to the doctor, who prescribes rehabilitation sessions for a week or a month. Or maybe we go straight to a physio, osteopathic or chiropractic practitioner. Then we feel a bit better and forget about our initial pain and keep on going with our life. The problem however did not get solved. It will come back and haunt us. Maybe only once every 5 years, maybe 5 times a year. Some of us live in constant pain and disability.

What we must do is train our brain. Most often, it is not the actual type of muscular exercise what will help. Doing it, what helps !!!! The Frequency of it !!!! Over and over and over and over again. We get compromised 100 times a day ? This means we must counteract that by doing 150 exercises a day. A little cat & cow, a little bird & dog, a little pilates swimming, a simple hamstring or quad stretch. A 30 second belly breathing session, swapping seat to a swiss ball, hip hinges, 20 sec isometric squat or one minute of kneeling or ass to grass squat, hip circles, knee circles, hanging from a bar, holding a plank and so on and so on.

Why ? It is not training what you need, but a reminder ! A neuromuscular reset !
It is way more effective to move around purposefully for 30 seconds each 15 minutes during your day, than simply doing a 30min set 4 times a week. Why ? After each reminder, after each body reset pause, you will hold on to correct posture longer and longer. What you do is training your brain, to keep you in the best and most correct posture possible. At the beginning it will be very conscious, but soon most of that will turn totally unconscious. Just imagine that doing nothing, will still make you a better human or a better athlete and will count as training, though neither by effort nor by sweating, because it will be your unconscious mind who keeps you in the best posture possible and make you execute the best biomechanics.

This approach is true to joints, muscles, tendons, spine, ligaments, bone, soft tissue, organs and so on. When have shin splints, or IT band syndrome, I treat it multiple times a day, but not on it’s own. I give special attention to the injured area for sure, but put all my joints and body to a correct alignment too.

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