Week 2 – 35min 10k Training Log

Week 2 Session 1

Objective: Add in hill repeats for lower leg neuromuscular development and tendon strength.

  • 7 x 10sec

Results :

  • 7 x 10 sec – easy and focused, not all out, but 100% control. Great first


Week 2 Session 2

Objective: Long constant endurance set at threshold and higher. Faster and faster each reps.

  • 2000m + /r300m @ (1:30 – 2:30) + 500m + /R400m @ (2:30 to 4:00)

Results :

  • 7:29 + /r1:41 + 1:49 + /R2:43
  • 7:19 + /r2:00 + 1:47 + /R2:53
  • 7:09 + /r2:14 + 1:43 + /R3:01
  • 7:08 + /r2:21 + 1:37

Feeling great, with soreness and fatigue building up in both soleuses and left ham. Used the Streak 7, but I feel that sessions over 5K and reps over 800m are just too much for this shoe. I am gonna try to get a light but more cushioned model. Maybe the Hoka Rocket X or get back to my ol’ favorite the Saucony FastTwich. I also used previously the Altra Escalante Racer for a session like this, but resulted in the same type of fatigue. I might try a shoe with more drop. I tried the higher drop Nike shoes with the carbon plate. I am not gonna start swearing here, but I cannot tolerate any of them. Not the Fly, nor the Alpha, neither the Vapor. The Pegasus Tempo is a disaster too. The Streak and the Streak LT were both such a fantastic shoe with straight big toe line, a super hug and the flexible but still bouncy pebax plate. They don’t exist any more in the EU market !


Week 2 Session 3

Objective: 90min trail-run constant, moderate to medium-hard (Z2 high – Z3 – Z4 low) running effort. Push the downs to thrash the legs a bit and push the ups for the cardio. Lydiard style.

Results: 1h40min – 17km – D+600m – avgHR 146bpm – mxHR 175bpm
Terrain: some very technical sections, no headlamp on night descent, some fast fire roads.

Unfortunately I don’t have flat fire-roads and runnable trails around me. I’d really like to do some very fast and also long track like efforts on dirt, but here everything is gnarly. If you had the chance to avoid concrete and run on natural surfaces like dirt, grass, compact sand, I’d recommend to do so and to never touch the beton. One road workout every other week is enough. I also highly recommend to use all kind of different shoes and change them up every single run. You’ll have different pressure points, different ankle angles, different push-off, different balancing act and proprioception in every single shoe. This can even be in one single brand. Like Hoka for instance. Not all of their shoes have the same shape and the same amount or same type of foam. This will eliminate the need for some of the proprioception training for injury prevention and that time can be turned to somewhere else.


Great week. Took Saturday totally off. Time to time a day with no running is needed. Still very low volume. I had a very unpleasant week at the beginning of the month, where I took I think 5 days off and started building back up from there. W0 38km / W1 75km / W2 80km. I hope to bring this up to 100 in December. Feeling good overall. Muscles, joints and body are top, but the motorbike messenger work is picking up and my lower back feels it a lot. I have a hard time keeping my daily posture correct and I need to concentrate a lot. I am not hunched over or being saggy, but I feel that I need to be more erect and of course, I can gain a couple of cms when straightening up.

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