Week 3 – 35min 10k Training Log

Week 3 Session 1

Objective: Freedom run, with some higher efforts and hills. Decided on the go on what to do, but wanted to get in around 25min worth of work and the hills accelerations

  • 25min Trail Fartlek and 7 x 10sec hills

Results: All went well with technical trail loops. Elevation gain and loss for each loop is 16m. Pace is non relevant as it was on gnarly trails.

  • L1 2:43 /r0:44 avgHR130 HRmax158 – 4:43/km
  • L2 4:47 /r0:52 avgHR150 HRmax165 – 4:38/km
  • L3 7:48 /r1:17 avgHR148 HRmax167 – 4:47/km
  • L4 5:02 /r0:53 avgHR152 HRmax171 – 4:48/km
  • L5 2:10 /R1:59 avgHR151 HRmax165 – 4:47/km
  • Uphill Sprints: 14, 13, 12, 13, 12, 12, 11 – /r1:00 (HRmax 153 after the last 2)


Week 3 Session 2

Results: Felt great, but way too cold and legs were seizing up a lot straight from the first repeat. Should have put on another pair of corsairs. Finally cut for 8 x 1000 as even had to go to toilet and also left the intensity to be guided by feeling. Satisfied though and finished with 40 min recup to make sure to eliminate all the by products and to get heated up. Got dressed in jogging, pull and coat, hat and gloves.

  • 3:44 /r1:11 HRmax158
  • 3:39 /r1:45 HRmax166
  • 3:45 /r1:19 HRmax168
  • 3:37 /r1:21 HRmax173
  • 3:47 /r1:22 HRmax171
  • 3:40 /r1:20 HRmax174
  • 3:49 /r1:21 HRmax169
  • 3:43 HRmax176

Normally, there are no signs of fatigue or any kind of over training. I have great sleep and all are well. However these max heart-rates are way too high for these relatively easy paces. I got a 10k time trial this weekend, where I will be going for 36:30. For the next 4 to 5 days I will be going only aerobic and the probably the 4 – 5 days after wards too.


Week 3 Session 3

Objective: Stay 100% aerobic but stimulate with volume.

  • 10k worth of work with freely chosen paces of 4:30 to 4:50

Results: I hate runs when everything disturbs you and you have a hard time to focus. I often in these cases just call it a day and come back later on. I found it hard to adjust my shoe laces and my Cliftons felt tight. Than my tights were feeling like dropping and had to readjust them. I also needed to stop to pee 4 times. My heart rate monitor chaffed and like was slipping to an uncomfortable height. My t-shirts were feeling super tight. My hood was annoyingly flopping, so I had to tuck it.

  • 10K @ 4:38/km = 46:23 HRavg136 HRmax151


Week 3 Session 4

Objective: Run around 8k on the high aerobic end. Run a little at current 10k speed at low heart rates with big recoveries.

  • 1800 @ 4:00/km + r200m + 10 x (400 @ 1:26 + /r200m) + 2000m @ 4:00/km + 200 @ 35s

Results: Felt okay, but this speed is very bizarre yet. I was going out too fast or slacking off during 400s. I would really need more pace practice. At this moment I find that I have a hard time sticking to race pace aerobically during 1000m intervals or longer. On the other hand 400s might be too short. I will know drive into a phase where 600s and 800s will take over.

  • 1800 @ 4:01/km + /r1:19
  • 400 @ 1:28 /r1:12
  • 400 @ 1:27 /r1:11
  • 400 @ 1:26 /r1:15
  • 400 @ 1:25 /r1:11
  • 400 @ 1:26 /r1:16
  • 400 @ 1:27 /r1:15
  • 400 @ 1:25 /r1:14
  • 400 @ 1:27 /r1:14
  • 400 @ 1:26 /r1:17
  • 400 @ 1:27 /r1:18
  • 2000 @ 4:03/km + /r1:34
  • 200 @ 35s
    • Total 10,4km @ 45:50 @ 4:23/km HRavg137 HRmax163

Heart Rate is low enough and recovery is feeling way better.


Week 3 Session 5

Objective: 10k tempo by feel, using a race

Results: 10km de Hyeres, 37:25 – 3:45/km

This felt way harder than it should have been. I need some longer reps for sure and need the long run. Need the tempo run and the short but fast reps.

Next week:

  • 2000m / 3000m repeats, goal is race pace practice so rest will be more important
  • The 5k tempo at threshold what should be around 3:38 / 3:40
  • 25 to 35km long run
  • A couple of fast 200s

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