Week 4 – 35min 10k training log

Week 4 Session 1

Legs felt great Monday after the race, but now Tuesday, after AM Nordic Walk, they are thrashed. New shoes in rotation. Hoka Rocket X.

Objective: Speedy session with recovery in mind. Not too hard not too easy.

  • 4 x 1000 moderate /r1:20 – 1:40


  • 1000 @ 3:35 /r1:22 HR136/145
  • 1000 @ 3:37 /r1:23 HR142/148
  • 1000 @ 3:33 /r1:30 HR145/158
  • 1000 @ 3:28 HR152/157

Despite tired legs, I felt very easy and fine. No issues what so ever keeping up with the lads. I was not breathing hard, nor felt in any difficulty. Heart rate was optical, but more or less correct I think.


Week 4 Session 2

Objective: Some faster running. Not yet very very fast, but faster than the averages of last month. Still some lingering muscle fatigue after the 10k race of the weekend. Left upper ham is tight.

10 x 600 @ 2:00 / 2:03 /r200m jog

Results: We jumped into a weekend XC race with the lads for fun and training, so modified it to a shorter one as a collective decision. 6 x 600m .

  • 2:03 /r1:30 HR146/162
  • 2:01 /1:29 HR149/166
  • 2:01 /1:29 HR153/171
  • 2:04 /1:41 HR152/168
  • 2:03 /1:35 HR152/168
  • 2:01 HR152/169

Workout felt fantastic. It is kind of hard, but not that hard. Finally heart rate is decreasing. Normally during a workout like this I would be over the 170s for 5 out of 6 repeats. I tried feeling the new carbon shoe’s advantage and modified my posture and stride to feel the rebound. My running form was nice, coach did not say anything. Yes he shouts only when it’s crap. However cadence was horrendous ! I must keep on working that. I did not lose focus on it, but I feel that some workouts suffered from concentrating too much on form and cadence.


Week 4 Session 3

Objective: 12k dynamic trail run, with some steeper sections

Results: 12.5km D+500 – optical HR154/185 => I think it is way off.

Felt great with easy light striding up even on steep slopes.


Week 4 Session 4

Objective: A weekend cross race. Not all out, but a high end tempo effort.

  • 8.6km Cross de Fayence

Results: 20m to the finnish a race organiser diverted me to a different direction. As I was coming up from a light hill, that I was not able to look over to see the participants finishing, I took the wrong direction following the instructions of this signaling volunteer. He did not know at all what he was doing. After a couple of hundred meters, I understood that something was wrong and jogged it home finishing nearly 10k.
Nothing upsetting though. I had an honest up tempo effort. 8.6K @ 36:23 @ 4:13/km. Rolling hills with around 110meters of total elevation gain. Rocky trails, some skinny mud, but good grip in general. Used thin road shoes that I use on the track. Nike Streak 7.
optical HR160/177 Probably it is not totally right, but gives a good idea.

(I cut the strava track short, what is around 10 to 20m to the finnish line.)

Total 95km – 10h29
Left ham tight, right achilles and soleus need some attention. Lower back should also be kept under control.

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