Week 5 – 35min 10k training log

Week 5 Session 1

Objective: Recovery with ease. Some repeats, some distance, take it easy.

  • 4 x (600 + 400) @ 3:20/km /r200m jog

Results: Finally, we collectively decided to go for a longer than usual warming up and do 4 x 1000m

  • 3:48 /r1:22HR141/149
  • 3:41 /r1:24 HR140/148
  • 3:36 /r1:15 HR146/158
  • 3:31 HR151/158

Optical HR, not so precise I guess, but corresponds more or less the effort.


Week 5 Session 2

Objective: Start introducing some speed.

4 x (3 x 300 @ 0:55 /r100m) /R3:00 – 4:00

Results: Felt epic. Hard training, but legs felt great. Body felt fantastic too. I had a big big warming up, what works way better for me. 1h11. Started with easy jogging and educatives on grass. Then out for the 5k group warming up. Educatives again. 10k – 1h11.

  • 56 – 56 – 56 /r50 /R3:39 HR149/168
  • 54 – 55 – 55 /r50 /R3:18 HR147/174
  • 54 – 55 – 55 /r47 /R3:23 HR155/172
  • 55 – 55 – 54 /r47 HR156/175

Cadence is all over the place. I must focus even more and more on it. I had one rep at 159 and one at 161 what is a disaster, a couple around 168 to 171rpm. However 7 reps over 175rpm what is very encouraging. Heart rate corresponds to perceived exertion. Recovery heart rate at 75 / 71 / 75bpm. That is a good sign of aerobic fitness.

Week 5 Session 3

Objective: Building the long run. 2h not too intense, but dynamic.

Results: Technical trail, legs started feeling the fatigue after about 1h30, hams quite tight. Easy fatty coffe for breakfast. No hunger, no thirst. Feeling very fine actually.

  • 23.59km 2h11 D+500m


Week 5 Session 4

Objective: Longish Tempo Run on the local urban trail course.

Results: Loads of turns and twists, shitty surface, icy roads. Feeling great, heart is quite okay, though effort feels harder than it actually is. RPE in some cases up to 8.5.

18.8km – 4:25/km – HR152/168 – D+130m


4 sessions
115km this week
Felt great and at ease all week long
Track is closed for 2 weeks so training will be hard and not so specific.
I hate doing speedwork on road. It is too hard on the body, too high impact and dangerous too. I will retract my training for long intervals and tempo runs. Also I will keep on doing the long run in the local massif. Anything happens, we must adapt.

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