Sickness – Deep Work

I haven’t been running exactly for two weeks now. I felt sick. I am not sure what is it, I feel way better, but still at least a week away from running. I had 4 days of high fever, lost 10kgs, then 10 days of feeling like very very bad and coughing a lot and hard. I was coughing that hard, that I think I even tore my diaphragme. My blood pressure was so unstable, that more than 10 minutes of walking was impossible, and a couple of minutes of standing on the sun would have knocked me out, cash.
I have been observing my body and myself for well over 20 years. I haven’t been this in a bad shape only once in my life, when had Salmonellosis. Otherwise, all my illnesses were gone in never longer than 72hours. When something very serious going on, I would have 39 or 40°C fever for a couple of hours, then next day back to fine.

As I was not able to watch TV, neither to read, listen to music or do anything, I was just creating plans for summer. In my head. Curled up in my bed. I still do so. Normally tomorrow I will be fine for work, but running is still at least a week away.

I think people should be able to be connected to themselves. Runners too. To see what is important for them. In what order life should be lived. I actually have always drawn the same conclusions from these inner self travels.

  • I want to be as healthy as possible.
  • This way I can teach this health for my family, be with them, be for them, enjoy life with them.
  • Keep on perfecting running, while showing a great example on how to be fully engaged in something so simple.

This is all comes down to practice. To discipline. Discipline is a way of freedom. Good quality habits create a roaming spirit.

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