Still up and down sick

We tested my daughter in the beginning of her sickness. It was not COVID. Without a bloodtest, the doctor guessed, that she had the seasonal flu. Of course, she has been already out of it for over 5 days today, with one or two coughs a day. Actually, I read in a medical journal somewhere that this year’s flu, the H1N1’22 is brutal. I have a colleague now on the 8-days roll. Apparently it is more difficult to get than covid, but like 10 times more likely to go over to lungs, heart, brain and cause inflamation and oedemas.

I have already written it. I haven’t taken any medication neither been sick over 20 years. So this surprise was a bad one for me. I thought I could get back to running actually today in the afternoon. I wanted to do 1h of a sesssion. Like 10minute speedwalk, educatives and mobility, little jogs, more educatives, TRX, very light 20meter accelerations on grass, mobility, 10min speedwalk. Except that I feel like shit this morning. I have days I don’t realize that I walk up to the 5th floor and days like today, that a simple calf stretch triggers heavy breathing.

So no, most probably running is not going to happen today. In addition to this the weather looks pretty much crap and cold. I haven’t stopped running consecutively for more than a week for 2 decades and haven’t stopped strength and conditioning for more than 2 days in 2 decades.
Outside of some 3 second stretching here and there, I am just completely washed and haven’t done anything for 3 weeks nearly. This virus was just a mess. Anyways, the only positive I got out is losing 10kg. I will try to keep the muscles off, what is difficult, but at least to stay under 80kg. I wasn’t heavy at all at 85kg, but powerful. For 198cm that is still quite light. Now I am 76kg. No shoulders. No arms. No pecs. No back. Just abs and bones. Welcome to a trail and mountain running season. At least this.

Good luck to you all avoiding the influenza 2022. Covid is just a joke comparing.

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