Protect your body, when coming back to training from sickness !!!

The thing is, that just because you are not sick anymore, it doesn’t mean that you are healed. You are actually weakened, detrained and residual internal injuries are still present. For instance the diaphragme what is one of the strongest and most active muscles in the body is handling the breathing and the lungs and connected to the pericardium of the heart. When you are coughing brutally, very hard, for weeks on end, you are actually very much stressing the actual complete body, as the diaphragm is part of the core stabilizing muscles, the lungs to snap the air and the puss out of them, but most importantly the heart. Every time you cough, the diaphragm suddenly pulls on the heart. The body is created very well, but these bacteria and viruses that make you sick and the bad general health of humans, can stretch out the period of coughing to longer than normal. Just like sport, long term stress have profound negative (or positive) effects on the body and heart. This is why, the period of coming back to sport should be very well planned and controlled.
The lungs are also inefficacious. Forcing while breathing too heavily in cold and humid environment can leave you with a pulmonary oedema. Back to square zero or even more, like hospital care. The next step can be brain oedema, body water retention and so on. Coming out from a serious sickness, like long covid or long flu should be taken seriously. If I had 2 days of 40°C fever, my body would be back to normal next week and would do my regular stuff. Now, I was on the floor for 2 weeks. I make sure, that I still take a week off and focus on hydration and sleep and restart back afterwards. No rush !

The human body is capable of healing. You suffer liver damage, lung damage, you break a bone or snap a tendon; the body can heal. When your heart stops, you die ! Careful ! The heart can heal too though. It has the most circulation. It moves the most. It is efficacious. It is the nuclear center of the body. It has to be taken care of too on the other hand.

  • For a week, running should be limited. More likely walking should be practiced with very short run brakes.
  • Impact should be limited, like running and jumping and hopping too.
  • Internal pressure, like heavy weight training, planks and forcing too much too should be avoided.
  • Heart rate monitor should be worn all the time.
  • Clothing should be very much appropriate for current weather.
  • Nutrition is important. Loads of green veggies and citrus fruits. I seriously hammer all kind of oranges and clementines. Bitter orange grows in this season. Epic. I also eat my rockets, chards, persils, spinaches, purselaines, lambs lettuce and so on. Magic is non existent, but ginger and curcuma costs nothing, so why not use them !
  • Infusions are for free. Fresh pine needle, fresh nettles and mint are growing all over the world.
  • Honey is great. You can mix it with cinnamon, cacao, curcuma, black pepper, matcha and snack on it.

What will I do on the first week ?

  1. Each day, every morning will do an uphill and downhill walk for a total of 30minutes. HR controlled.
  2. Beforehand, I will also do 20min mobility and afterwards also 20min flexibility.
  3. Every afternoon, I will take my TRX and do 1hour run technique training with light TRX drills mixed in. As the days go by, the long recoveries will be shorter and shorter.
  4. My first long run will be at the end of the week on Sunday. That will be 1 hour of constant walking with poles. Intensity 125bpm max !

Here you go, some ideas for you coming back from long sickness or long downtime.

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