Beginners Long Run advice

Actually the council is the same same for somebody coming back to the long runs from a longer anaerobic period, after injury, after downtime or after sickness, then for a runner who never really did long runs.

  • Start easy
  • Gradually increase running time
  • Include walking breaks
  • Focus on time instead of distance
  • Bring food and eat breakfast before
  • Fat burning ability and mitochondrial density will be to worry about later
  • Motivation is key, especially if you want a midweek long run and if you wanted to “long run” each weekend
    • use music, podcast, audiobooks, include pushups and pull ups and squats and sprints into your long run, do it in nature instead of a 2h boring shuffle in the city, use a hilly terrain to bring up a bit your heart rate while walking
  • Walk at the beginning and walk at the end
  • Do some very easy short strides on grass and use a short 5 to 20min barefoot cooldown on grass

Motivation is very important as the longer you can be out there, despite that is excruciatingly slow, the better you’ll become and the faster you’ll be advancing toward a full-on, no walk long run !

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