BLOG: Week 5 – still recovery

I finished the 4th week of training with 90km of running and with total elevation gain of 3923m. Total training time what includes still a lot of strength and some ebiking is 16h06. Not too shabby for somebody coming back from a serious sickness. Of course neither total, nor running volume and intensity are high at this moment. No need to rush into difficulties. I am being patient. Little steps and little successes. I am doing a lot of technical terrain running to keep the slow movements interesting. Actually I think, it is because of this, that I was able to take down a DH KOM from a friend yesterday actually. I am delighted. A small success into the right direction. I will actually go and get some other up and downhill KOMs too every week. That is very motivating. Yesterday it was part of a tempo run where I pushed 2:30 downhill segment in addition to the tempo nature of the workout itself.

Flat running however is still a pain. Either ways, I will more likely focus on distance racing and ultra events from now on. Special speedwork and high end intervals will be at the backburner, like once or twice a month top. Tempo runs, long intervals, climbing and descending repeats will spice my routines from now on.

Body feels healthy and a little up and down due to early morning work. Thursday I was knocked out for 2 hours in the afternoon. Got some music going on though, straight on waking up, to lift spirits. Friday AM I woke up at 3:45am to arrive to work at 4:30. Worked till 8:30 and then we were moving around with the family. Finally ended up watching the start of a local rally, then were hiking for 2h. I was smoked. Last night I was out at 10pm till 8:22 this morning. One single wee wake up.
Most people don’t know what it feels to be tired, as they don’t know what they are capable of. This is why I like ultramarathons. It taught me a lot about life and about endurance. Endurance in case of living with a purpose, living with a family, living a productive life. It is not always about charging and attacking the tasks, no, it is about fun. You only can have fun, if you are endurant. If you can handle fatigue with a smile in the face. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, posture, breathing and so on. This is what creates the MENTAL FORTITUDE you need to carpe diem !
Yesterday when working this simple physical task in the “factory”, in between actions I did some light hip routines and did most of the initiating actions with left side. I am telling you as a lifelong righty, that if you did suddenly 4hours of work with left hand and left leg, not only you’ll be sore, but mentally tired too. This is an epic way to boost your brain, without “learning” , reading, practicing. Just do your regular stuff, but left handed, or with a closed eye. Maybe if in safety, one part of the routine with left eye, other part with right eye closed. Jongleurs are not necessarily the most knowledgeable due to their lifestyle with the circus, however, if they put their mind to it, they are often very intelligent. Like people who speak multiple languages, what is a lifelong constant pressure on the brain.

Anyways. Keep running on beasts !

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