Blog: Week 6 after Flu

The body is very gradually getting better. I work a lot too, so recovery is greatly compromised. Sleep is the most important ever recovery tool. I do not sleep enough unfortunately. I sleep very deeply and well, however not enough in length. These short nights effects recovery on a very brutal way. Normally I can build up to the max volume of the base with no break. Normally, I can actually push constantly upwards to 12 weeks, ending up at around 20 to 30hours of weekly training. At the moment I must double up this time. 3 weeks of push, one week down, 2 weeks push, 1 week down. On my downweeks I must actually refocus my life to sleep more. 5 to 6 hours are going up these weeks to 7 to 10hours. Perception of life changes too during these downweeks. It is way better, way more positive, I have way more patience, I can read more, I have no muscular fatigue, my low back is less tight.
Unfortunately money is important, so must work. The bills are getting higher each month. The inflation is enormous in France. Once you think you are kind of stabilized, for instance in case of electricity, nutrition and fuel, they just announced yesterday a 12% increase in “tax fonciere” what will double effect self-employed like me, as we will pay more tax on our home, then on our company, what is despite not having an “office or a business-building”, still obligatory.

Week 6 100km / 17h / D+3887m

Feeling great. All good. No issues.

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