The endurance athlete of the 21st century !

We can see a steep uphill curve in a lot of performances including cycling and running. New World and European records. Incredible cross country cycling and mountain biking executions. Monstrous training regiments.

The thing is that athletes don’t and won’t last and it is a great great shame. We can already see a lot of burnouts, disappearances and total fall offs. Why is this ? Simply the athletes being uninterested in longevity. They do not care at all about the future. Nor the past, neither the present actually. We can learn a lot from future mistakes and gains of others. We can learn to focus and be present. And we should think about our future.

What do I talk about here ? I recently talked to a couple of high performance young runners and semi-pro cyclists. Their interest in their sport is equal to zero. They think only about some numbers during training, race performances and that is it.
They do not want to get better !!! They want someone to make them better. There is a humongous difference between the two.

  • Instead of learning the knows and hows of long term quality nutrition, they look for a nutritionist. These athletes never ever cooked anything outside of pasta. No rice, quinoa, porridge, egg, chicken breast, steamed broccoli what are so basics. No salads mad home, no organic fruits and veggies. No knowledge on high performance supplements. They do a blood test once a month or once every second month and if it doesn’t go well they rest. Wtf ?
  • Instead of building up a quality movement knowledge, what takes time actually, they look for a strength coach. What about flexibility, mobility, posture and breathing and others? These athletes don’t even know how to warm up and cool-down properly. Seriously ! I can see best in class master cross country runners achieving life-long bests in their early 40s, while having strokes, heart issues and constant problems. What if you trained and did everything properly for 3 decades and you would be still on top of your fitness and health ?
  • I met runners who are preparing to be great great athletes with incredible race results and they ask the sales-person’s advice in a running store on what shoes to buy in what size and how often to take a gel. I mean, f..k, you are 28.55 10 runner, so start being interested in what the best is for you, will ya ?
  • Often these athletes get unmotivated, depressed and have up and down seasons and performances. They go to a sophrologue, motivation coach, psychologist, etc.
    Just stop staying on your phone 10hours a day, start drinking at least 4 litres of quality water a day and start sleeping 9pm, waking up with no alarm, get a normal understanding girlfriend. See how you feel after a month. You won’t need that head-coach anymore. Ever !

It is, as a coach, very important for me to inform the new generation, to teach, to help and to advice ! I have been doing this with amateurs for 2 decades nearly. Very basic stuff, practiced long term, works just fine. Like cooking, sleeping, eating raw, nutrition periodisation, sleeping and emotional poise !

Start being interested in your sport ! Deeply !

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