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I often create some free endurance educational content on LinkedIn and if you were interested, please connect with me. I find that the audience is a lot more user friendly, professional and most importantly constructive than on any other social platforms. I don’t do business, I don’t sell anything. Of course it helps me finding other clients, but the goal is to give out free education.

Here is my latest post:

After we mastered – more or less – our lifestyle and training, there are some 2%ers that we can effectively play around with to increase our resilience.

One is nutritional timing. We should not neglect carbs, especially after hard efforts or long runs. However on some days we can use a low to no carb strategy during the first two meals of the day. This will enhance fat burning and fat digestion ability, therefore low end endurance. 2 eggs, an avocado, greens, some nuts and a can of sardines.

On the other hand post workout solutions should contain fast acting / fast absorbing nutrients. I like a plant based protein supported with EAAs, shaken up in almond milk and a couple of bananas. Cheap, easy, accessible. I chug that down after the last hard rep, then go for the cool-down.

Then we talk about intelligent training. We don’t always have time on hand as one exemple. Pre-fatiguing our body can be a way to shorten a workout, but still make it act as a long run. 30 min very active bodyweight strength and conditioning before your run, followed by a harder effort on a hotter day for instance.
We can also do endurance brick workouts. 60min hard mountain biking followed by 60min trail running can be as effective in many cases than 120min of pure running.
When having only one possible day for.hars training during the week we can rest up for it, do a back to back hard effort am/pm and rest after it, doing only 15 – 20 min daily technical workout snacks.

Understanding and knowing your workout science will reinforce your belief. When in the possession of knowledge, you’ll be more confident. Often this confidence can unlock unknown workout performances. Endurance too. Mental strength is a key to daily, monthly, yearly and lifelong endurance success.

The extra is that you can use some of these strategies to your work and lifestyle attitude too, what will revert back to your sport performance, compounding the effects.

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