Nutritional supplements for runners – what to choose ?

As this is an english article, I am going to cover the brands available for those who live in an english speaking country.

If you didn’t know me, I used to be into body building and kick boxing. I was big time into supplementation and since then, even if I don’t always use supplements, I follow the market and the products applicable to endurance sports and running.

What you must understand, that there is so much shit out there, so many brands that deliver absolute placebo, that you have to be very careful what you are taking.

If you cannot verify a brand or a product, you cannot put in the necessary time and effort to really dial in your knowledge on a particular supplement, it is better to choose something what seems like a comprise at first, but from a big brand. A big brand what has been delivering products to athletes for 10 / 20 or even 30 years or more. Universal Nutrition was established in 1977 or Scitec Nutrition in Hungary was established in 1996 as two great examples of quality, longevity and reliability. These big brands will never make any compromise willingly, they won’t throw crap into their supplements nor will they sell you 100% BS. They might not be 100% pure, right, additive free and so and so, but they have been like that for over a decade with millions of satisfied sales and no signs of failing, no signs of scamming, so sign of client loss.

Here are a couple of examples for your performance:

  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Dymatize
  • Universal Nutrition
  • Biotech USA
  • BSN
  • MuscleTech
  • USN
  • Gaspari Nutrition

For your vitamins minerals:
You got to decide for yourself, that it is disturbing or not, that some of these are owned by big-pharma.

  • Solgar
  • Solaray
  • Now Foods
  • Thorne Research
  • Swanson
  • Nature’s Way
  • Garden of Life

I have been amusing myself by contacting certain brands that deliver too good to be true products. First thing first, if there is no answer on phone, email or message, then I don’t buy. There are certain supplements that cannot be stored without excipients, cannot be compressed to a tablet without agents, cannot be paired together without creating a mess and so on. So you can see pictures up on amazon, in blogs, in review and lab sites, where the extra shiny coating from gelatin capsules was avoided and the capsules arrived all black oxidized and stuck together like an othello grape. When tabs arrived completely fallen apart into half powder, half broken tabs. You can hear about skin issues and headaches, shaking, fiver and even worse. Swollen joints, ulcers, acne for a month, tingling and paralysis.

Order an Animal Pack from Universal. Each vitamin pack is in a small sealed plastic bag, then the plastic bags are in a hermetically sealed can, like a tuna fish. No surprises ever and I have been using that for almost 2 decades !!!

If you had money and are ready to pay 3 – 4 – 5 times the price, look up a local, small, trusted and well reputed vitamin brand, laboratory or pharmaceutical company and use their products. After vetting of course.

To say, how rare it is, I have been in France for 15 years and found only one like that. If I had some serious issue, like a bone fracture, unsolvable tendinitis, non-responding deficiency, nerve issue, I go only with them. What kind of supps do I talk about ? Chelated Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Choline stabilized Orthosilicic Acid or Pycnogenol. (Nutrixeal)
These are expensive special shit, they work like a charm and they worth the price in case of serious problems.

I also know and have been using a slovakian company for 20years now, who deliver products with unimaginable power. No scam, no crap, just brutally well working stuff. It is damn expensive. However I saved my stomach countless times from all kind of parasites, infections and food poisoning. I used their products on cuts, bruises, twists and fractures. I used some of their products during ultra-marathons when everything was going sideways. Never failed ! (

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